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M1nd Stat3 – Hip-Hop

mind state wall standing

M1nd Stat3 was one of the featured artists who performed at Spring A Palooza, April 29th at the Bitter End, NYC- Presented by Chris Apostle, Mario Sebastian, and Cristian Camilo Castro. The following is my recent interview with the up-and-coming  Hip-Hop artist M1nd State3:

Wendy: Let me just start by saying I recently heard the song “Long Way To Go” and loved it, your rapping and singing are amazing. What and who have been your musical influences?

M1nd Stat3: I have been influenced by many musical genres, Rap, Salsa, Pop and R & B , when I write songs I am not restricted by a musical genre, I am motivated by whatever “state of mind” I happened to be in at the time. This is the reason for my stage name  M1nd Stat3 (Mind State). Eminem and Marc Anthony have been some of my musical influences, but my father has been my biggest influence as I have been watching him create and perform music since I can remember. 

Wendy: I am glad you explained the meaning of your name I was so wondering; at what age did you know that you were going to dedicate your life to music?

M1nd Stat3: I knew when I was very young, I used to go with my father to different venues to see him perform with Marc Anthony, other musicians, and just watching the performances; I just knew that I wanted to create music and be on stage as well.

Wendy: Just to clarify to the readers, that M1nd Stat3’s father happens to be the very talented producer and bassist, Erben Perez. Are you currently working on your own CD/project?

M1nd Stat3: Yes, I am currently working on my CD is half way done and I am writing more songs in the hope that it will turn into a 13 track CD. I am also collaborating with other up-and-coming artists. The project is expected to be release in late summer.

Wendy: The first time I saw you perform was with Talking Buddha at Crash Mason in NYC you were rapping and I became an instant fan, so consider me your first fan.

M1nd Stat3: WOW that was a long time ago I was 16 years old, you were there? I am trying to do my best and working hard so that people can enjoy my music, Wow, I appreciate the support.

Wendy: We are all excited about your show on April 29th at the Bitter End in NYC, what can we expect?

M1nd Stat3: I am really excited too, and looking forward to performing some of my new music and hoping that everyone comes and has a good time. There will be other artists on the line-up such as Mario, other surprise guests.

Wendy: M1nd Stat3, thank you so much for allowing me to chat with you and I am sure that your fans are looking forward to your new release and seeing you performing soon.

M1nd Stat3: Thank you for your interest in my music, hoping the fans enjoy the show!

As they say, “the apple does not fall far from the tree” M1nd Stat3 is a talented young man on a musical mission, perfecting his craft, and focus on conquering his fans with his talents. Don’t miss out on the musically versatile M1nd Stat3.

 Contact M1nd Stat3 for bookings  at email: booking.m1ndstat3@gmail.com; also follow him on  Instagram – @m1nd_stat3, Facebook – Mind State, Twitter – @M1nd_Stat3


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