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My Surprise: Ozzie Melendez and Jean Rodriguez

Hola!  I am so happy to be back to my blog site it has been a while; I am bring you all one of the sweetest surprises I have had this year, and believe me there have been many, will be blogging about some of them soon.

Today is about my beautiful Ozzie Melendez and Jean Rodriquez surprise interview; well in a way it’s not a real surprise as you all know by now I prepare and pray for all that happens in my life, but then again it still feels like a surprise to me. I have to say this is such a sweet interview for me because Ozzie Melendez has surprised me with his new Salsa song “Camaleón” and Jean Rodriguez along with his partner Danny Flores at their music production company, Coast City Music are the producers of Ozzie’s new musical project.

Last week I left to Foxswoods Casino in Connecticut a day before Marc Anthony’s concert because I wanted to rest a bit before my two days of Marc’s concerts (second concert was the next day in Long Island). I just wanted to be ready to enjoy it all; the next morning I went downstairs to get breakfast and Jean is walking towards me and we stopped to chat. I said Jean, “let me interview you today, we have been trying to set it up more than two years now”, he said, “OK let’s do it today after rehearsal”. During our conversation I mentioned my surprise about Ozzie singing such a beautiful Salsa song. Jean, says, “Wendy I produced it, we produced it at Coast City Music!”.  I was so surprised what are the odds that the two people I wanted to interview that day were working together! I said, “OMG, I want to see if I can interview Ozzie too”. Jean says, “Wendy he is around here somewhere so you might come across him”. So as I continued to walk, Ozzie was walking right towards me, so I set up an interview with him too. Sometimes I surprise myself, there is no other way for me to describe this gift from them than a “surprise”.

When the time came for the interview as I am speaking with them I just a got this surreal feeling because I am really in awe of them as these are musicians that I have seen countless of times from coast to coast and Puerto Rico. I have enjoyed when they have worked on their other projects besides their touring with Marc Anthony. During this interview I got the chance to learn more about these amazing musicians, that are not only trombone players (Ozzie), background singers (Ozzie and Jean), but they are also producers, composers, musical directors, they even give musical clinics to up and coming musicians. Ozzie and Jean have worked with the who’s who in the musical world. Ozzie is part of Funkharmonik Band they perform a unique Jazz/Funk style of music, he has worked with Gloria Stefan, Gilberto Santa Rosa, Ray Charles, Harry Connick, Jr., Celine Dion, and has been part of countless musical projects. Jean is really active producing and working on projects for Prince Royce, CNCO, JBalvin, and he has worked with legendary artists such as Ednita Nazario. Jean is also part of Tony Succar’s Unity Project Tribute to Michael Jackson, and sings several of Michael’s songs and does background vocals on others. If you have not seen this special project please look it up it’s really amazing.

The talents and passion they possess will be delighting us fans for years to come. I am beyond happy to be able to share with you fans Ozzie Melendez and Jean C. Rodriguez, enjoy my interview with them. Ozzie and Jean, Gracias de todo corazon, thank you for trusting in me to share your gift of your musical talents with the world.

“Camaleón” is available on all digital outlets, I hope you all love it as much I do! #fanlovetothemax, #wendytfanlove

Thank you Charlie Malave, for being my videographer and my Angel on so many occasions!

I tried to share with the Spanish speaking fans some information apologies for my poor Spanish skills, believe me my mother will be covering her hears too 🙂  Pero trate y eso es lo que cuenta!

You can follow Ozzie Melendez on his social media sites: www.OzzieMelendez.com, Facebook: Ozzie Melendez, Twitter: @oz_melendez, IG: oz_melendez

You can follow Jean Rodriguez on his social media sites: www.jeanmusica.com, Facebook; JeanMusica, Twiter: @jeanmusica, IG: @jeanmusica, @coastcitymusic

You can follow me on my social media sites: Facebook: Wendy Tiles (WendyT Fan Love, which will be coming soon), IG: @wendyt_ma, Twitter: @wendyt_ma_fan







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Don Sonero…. Dreams

He dreams about singing a ballad with Marc Anthony someday Gilberto Valequaez aka Don Sonero is amazingly special. What makes him special according to Wendy you may be asking be sides him sharing my admiration for Marc? Well let me tell you.  Don Sonero is a Salsa singer who was born in Puerto Rico but raised in New York. His musical influences comes from his exposure to many genres: Salsa, Hip-Hop, Jazz, Funk, R&B and Reggaeton. When you hear him sing, there so much that is felt from his melodic voice; I wish I knew all those technical words that would describe his range as a vocalist but I don’t and all I can tell you all is that when he sings you feel it. If he sings about a women doing him wrong you feel his pain, if he is sings about joy, you feel that joy.  He has the ability to take you into an emotional roller coaster ride. Don Sonero is not only a Salsa artist, but he is also a producer, song writer, and he recently discovered his love of acting. He has traveled the world as vocalist with different bands, such as Son Sublime, La Excelencia, Swing Sextet and has performed with many other Latin musical artists. Don Sonero has a CD name “La Verdera Escena” that is filled with beautifully performed songs that really showcase his unique singing style and the reason I am in total #fanlove.

Don Sonero is currently a member of the cast of “I Like It Like That – The Musical” at the Puerto Rican Traveling Theater in New York City his character’s name is Juan and he plays the elder son which is one of the main characters in the musical which starts renowned Salsa singer Tito Nieves.  The musical co-produced and co-written by David Maldano who was also the producer of Celia , El Cantate movie and several other musical productions.  Additional Producers include David Rodriquez, Juan Toro, Pregonest/Pritt, Cardenas Marketing Network – CMN. The rest of the cast includes: Shadia Fairuz, Rossmery Almonte, Ana Isabelle, Caridad De La Luz, Chachi Del Valle, Jospeh “Quique” Gonzalez, Angel Lopez, Nelson Gonzalez, Sofia Klimovsky, and Ysenia Santiago.

The first time I went to see the play my anticipation was through the roof.  I had some friends that had seen it and I had forbidden them from saying anything about the play as I wanted to be surprised. All that my friends were allowed to say was that , “ It was great and Wendy you are going to love it”.  I had read that the play was set in New York City’s El Barrio (Spanish Harlem)  and that the Salsa music of the 70s was going to be featured. Well,  I was beyond surprised and fell in #fanlove with the cast and their performances. I have since been back to see the play three times now, and just had to interview Don Sonero with my wanting to know as much as I could about him.

Let’s defined “Sonero” because lots of people can sing salsa but not everyone is a “Sonero”: An improvising lead singer in salsa music. He/she can improvise about anything but the “Sonero” must be able to follow the rhythm of whatever song is being played by the band at the time of improvising. It requires that the singer be quick in selecting lyrics that are being improvised to communicate whatever the singer wants and that he can keep up with the band’s rhythm at the same time. Great examples to me of Soneros are, Gilberto Santa Rosa, Victor Manuelle, and Cuban female singer, Albita.  They have the ability to improvise on the spot to whatever Salsa music the band is playing.  Very few artists can do it that well and Don Sonero has the ability to do that; hence his name “Don Sonero”.

I had the trill to be able to interview Don Sonero after one of his performances at the Puerto Rican Traveling Theater, and I must say I had such a surreal moment as an “interviewer/blogger”. I was in the middle of New York City doing what has become my passion and in a historic theater to the New York Latino community, with one of the most promising artist in the Latino music scene, and it just felt like we were both experiencing our dreams at the same time. Hope you all enjoy my chat with Don Sonero  he spoke about a new musical project that will be release soon, his introduction to music, and other things he would like to do in the future. Learn a bit more about Don Sonero and follow his journey going forward.

Don Sonero, thank you for sharing with WendyT Fan Love!

#fanlovetothemax #dreambigitsfree #wendytfanlove

Don Sonero and his fan

Don Sonero and his fan

Don Sonero

Don Sonero

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All signs were saying Wendy you are going to see Victor Manuelle. As much as I tried to ignore it I just knew I was going to be there; I had to go see Victor Manuelle and Friends at Radio City Musical Hall in New York City. The signs were cruel, I would open my social media sites and postings about the concert were everywhere.  Several days before the actual concert I see a posting from George LaMond and one from Frankie Negron saying that they too were going to be performing at the concert it was just all too tempting as a fan; it was cruel the thought of not being there.

It was Friday,  October 14 the day of the concert and I am in my office when thoughts of my fan life start taking over. I was so trying to  ignore  my wanting to go to  the concert; but everything about me was saying, “go Wendy check out the tickets see what’s left”. Around 2:00 PM  I go into Ticketmaster and I found a ticket row AA orchestra 5 for a Professional Fan that is like dangling a bone in front of a dog.  I could not resist I bought the ticket and at 5:00 PM I left my office to NYC to see some of my favorites Salsa artists by myself. Life is too short to wait for the perfect moment or friends to do and go to places you want to go to; sometimes going solo is the best. I of course always meet lots of nice fellow fans; I was seating next to very interesting fans and I met up with one of my Marc Anthony road trip friends, I could not have been happier.

The first set of musicians started to take their place on stage and the audience immediately started clapping and as they are setting up I recognized one of them; Bobby Allende one of the best conga players/percussionists I know was leading the band. I know Bobby from when he was a member of Marc Anthony’s band and he had members of his own salsa band 8 Y Mas. When the band finished setting up George LaMond came on stage to sing and the fans started clapping and were so enjoying his performance, but I have to say we were left wanting more. The second act that performed was Frankie Negron, his energy is always special and they way he interacts with the fans is so special. Frankie is working on a new project and I just can’t wait to hear and see it all. After Frankie performed Dominican Salsero, Alex Matos came on stage and it was just beautiful so see him sing again. Alex Matos was born to sing Salsa he just takes over and all his happy with the world. The last performer to that came out to sing before Victor was legendary Puerto Rican Salsa artist, Ismael Miranda who was one of the first members of the Fania. Ismael comes on stage and he pretty much shows us how Salsa is done. He just represents everything that we love about the genre, it’s fun, emotional, and for sharing. DJ Alex Sensation was also entertaining the fans with his mixes before Victor Manuelle came on stage.

Then the moment arrives when “the man”  I could not resist seeing well over a month comes out with a beautiful tuxedo on looking thin; but oh so handsome and the fans go crazy as Victor Manuelle takes over his concert as the true Salsero that he is. I have seen Victor many times; my sister and I were front row the first time he had his first concert at MSG and I also took a picture with him earlier this year at The Maestro Cares Gala in  February. Victor sang his own classic songs and he also potpourri of other classic songs. One of the very special moments of the nights was when Victor paid respect to his father and advocated for Alzheimer decease awareness. I could not take pictures or a video of that moment as I would like every fan to experience that very special moment in person and plus I was too busy crying as it was so emotional for me. I so appreciate Victor Manuelle for sharing such intimate and emotional moments with us and I could not be more proud of this amazing Isabela, Puerto Rico son.

Though I had worked all day and decided at the last minute what my entire spirit wanted the last several weeks, my night was not over after Victor Manuelle got off stage, no the night had more beautiful surprises. After the concert a few fans decided to stay and wait for Victor and some of the other performers to come out of the venue. I got the chance to take pictures with Alex Matos, Ismael Miranda and the man who had my fan spirit working overtime Victor Manuelle. The first thing Victor did was he came over to me and kissed me. He just made my night by taking a picture with me, so sweet. They were all so sweet in sharing #fanlove with us, as a fan I was so happy with their humbleness and professionalism.

Hope you all enjoy the videos and pics I was able to take; I apologize for the quality but it’s hard trying to take videos and pics without using a flash because the venue would not allow it.

Thanks Angie, Ray, and Karen for sharing all this fan #fanlove with me!!!

Remember listen to  your spirit it has amazing surprises for you! #fanlovetothemax #wendytfanlove




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Laughing (Interview) With JOEY VEGA

Laughing with Joey Vega is basically what I did during my interview with the comedian. Joey Vega is a writer, actor and the comedian that opens for singer, Marc Anthony’s US concerts. I have known Joey since I started to travel to see Marc about 17 years ago. As much as I laugh when he is saying his jokes I also take the time to look at his audience; whether its a large arena with thousands of fans or at a local restaurant Joey Vega gives his audience the laughs they came to receive from him and then some. They get an actor that can transform into different personalities and take on different voices, accents, and mannerism. Watching Joey Vega performing is also like going home and sitting around joking with your family and friends; he has a quality about him that reminds us of home. Joey’s Latino audience gets it double when he does his jokes in Spanglish, it truly feels like a party that you get to share with people you don’t know but  because everyone gets the jokes we all get each other.

Before being a staff writer for the George Lopez Show several years ago the New York City raised comedian of Puerto Rican decent had already had a “first” as the first Latino comedian to have his own nationally syndicated comedy show in the US named “The Latin Connection”. Joey has acted in several TV shows and movies acting with award winning actors such as, Sally Fields, John Tuturro, and many others. Rounders, Row Your Boat. He also worked on Ryder, PI, An East Side Story, and Punchline with Tom HanksJoey’s show business resume is extensive it also includes working Chris Rock, Jennifer Lopez, and we as his fans are the beneficiaries of his comedic gift.

I met Joey for dinner at a local restaurant where we discussed his sold out coming show at The Comic Strip in New York (September, 23rd) , touring with Marc, a special project that he is currently working on, and lots more. Joey will also be performing on Salsa Cruise in October along with several other Salsa artists. As I said I laughed most of the time so get ready to see some silliness during my interview with Joey Vega hope you enjoy the video interview as as much as I did.

Joey thank you for being so sweet with me and making me laugh! #fanlovetothemax #wendytfanlove

Follow Joey on  his social media sites: http://www.joeyvega.com, Facebook: @comedianjoeyvega, Twitter: @joeyvegacomedy, Intagram: @comedianjoeyvega



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Erben Perez – Bass Player – CEO of Trista Records

Erben Perez is a bass guitar player and producer who has traveled the world touring with many musicians. For the last 24 years he has been touring as one of the members of my favorite band in the Universe, “Marc Anthony‘s Band” a.k.a Da Baddest Band (DBB) as old MarcAnthonyFans.com fan club members call them. I have had the pleasure of seeing Erben performing live for many years. Erben lives to make music and has made this fans extremely happy by being so humble like many of the other members of my favorite band; he always finds the time to show #fanlove to me.

Erben is currently doing double duty as he continues to tour with Marc Anthony  and  is the CEO of a record label. Erben and several partners which include Romani Rovayo and Hector Mestre have come together to create Trista Records, a new record label which aims to go old school and develop their artists in every way possible. Trista Records has the undeniable pleasure to have Don Felipe Muniz as one of the first artists to be signed to the label. Don Felipe is none other than iconic Salsa singer, Marc Anthony’s dad who wrote “El Ultimo Beso”, which Marc recorded. Trista Records has already released Don Felipe’s first single which is a duet with Salsa recording artist Tito Nieves. The single’s name  is “Mientras Duermo (While I Sleep)” which is a beautiful song that speaks of lost love; needless to say I am a huge Don Felipe Muniz fan. The single is currently available on all digital music outlets and the CD is scheduled to be out soon. The CD “Nuncas Es Tarde (It’s Never Too Late)”, will include a duet by father and son called “Deje De Amar (I Stopped Loving)” and the fan’s anticipation is off the roof; myself included. It so happens that Don Felipe Muniz will be performing  with his son Marc Anthony at Radio City Music Hall in New York City in August. It was recently announced that Marc Anthony signed his father to his artist management company, Magnus Media. At 80 years of age Don Felipe Muniz is living out his dreams and will be touring soon.

Trista Records has also signed Colombian singer Esteban Nieto; Nieto’s style is all pop with a beautiful Vellanato/Urban fusion that will have his fans singing and dancing. Esteban Nieto originally from Cartagena is already working on his up and coming CD and if it’s anything like some of his YouTube videos he already has a fan in me.

I caught up with Erben in his hometown of Perth Amboy, NJ and we chatted about how he got involved in the music business, about Trista Records, Don Felipe’s CD, and we reminisced a bit. I also got the chance to thank him for his son, M1nd Stat3 who was my first written interview (you can find it in the Interview tab). Please click on the videos below. I hope you all enjoy the interview with Erben Perez and continue to support him in his new business venture Trista Records.

Any artist interested in submitting their demos, videos, digital uploads for consideration  (all genres accepted) by Trista Records please email: Tristarecordlabel@gmail.com

Follow Trista Records at http://www.TristaRecords.comFacebook: Trista Records, Instagram: @TristaRecords, Twitter: @TristaRecords

I can’t say it enough sometimes I can’t believe my own life to be able to interview some of my favorite musicians is me living my dreams; I sincerely hope you all get to live  your dreams. #fanlovetothemax  #wendytfanlove #dreambigitsfree 

NOTE: Several days after this interview took place I had the pleasure of meeting Don Felipe he kissed me and Marc Anthony also kissed me at the concert at Radio City…. Happy Fan…Dream Big Mi Gente!!! :

Erben at the Maestro Cares Gala in Cipriani Walls St. NYC 2016DSC_0029

Erben’s  musical idols and mentors, Ruben Rodriguez and Sal Cuevas

Ruben and EP

Don Felipe, Tito Nieves, Hector Mestre, and Erben in the recording studio.

Don Felipe recoding

Erben and Don Felipe Muniz

Don Felipe and ErbenIMG_0817

Esteban Nieto – Trista Records’s new artist

esteban nieto

Erben in his Talking Buddah days (his old band), with Bill Clinton and Angel Fernandez – Erben Jean Rodriguez, William Duval and President Obama – Erben with Aarron Mclain

Erben with Leah Remini and Jennifer Lopez – Angel Fernandez, Ruben Blades, Marc Anthony, and Erben – Erben, Mario Guini, and the group Magic

DSC_0035 Erben and his grandson, he was adorable and was my security during the interview….thanks Papi!

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DJ EDDIE B. SWIFT – Fan Interview

When you grow up in the home of Hip-Hop, the Bronx it’s hard to resist the allured of what Hip-Hop makes you feel and when you mix that with being Latino; music is definitely part of your DNA. DJ Eddie B. Swift is all music 24 hours a day as one of the most sort after DJs he has acquired all the skills and knowledge that a NYC DJ represents.

As I often say, ” I am not musically trained but I know what I like”, there are so many things I like about DJ Eddie B. Swift I love how humble he is, I love how he is so willing to share some of his music knowledge, I love how he represents a true NYC DJ. Listening to DJ Eddie B. Swift for me is like reliving my youth. DJ Eddie B. Swift tours with legendary rap group Cypress Hills and also has a featured spot in group member B Real’s internet TV station http://www.berealtv.com.

DJ Eddie B. Swift and I met backstage at Barclays in Brooklyn several years ago when I was covering the WU Tang Clan’s reunion for Global Music Magazine; again one of those true “living my dreams moments” where DJ Eddie B. Swift was the host DJ for the night with MC Ramel. Needless to say I was on cloud nine as I am standing on stage with legendary NYC artists.

The definition of a NYC DJ for me is that DJ that takes you on a musical roller coaster ride where he is able to mix old school music with the new, where Hip-Hop, Latin music, House/Freestyle music, and last but not lease Reggae music. DJ Edde B. Swift takes is fans on the musical roller every time he performs.

I got the chance to interview DJ Eddie B. Swift several moths ago at the Ruff Ryder Club in the Bronx at the Global Music Magazine’s sponsored Sho Me What U Got Showcase. Please enjoy the videos below  which includes guest appearance by MC Ramel  where Eddie shares how he got started and more.

Follow DJ Eddie B.Swift on on http://www.brealtv.com, website: http://www.eddiebswift.com, Facebook: EddieBSwift, and Instagram: @eddiebswift. #fanlovetothemax 🙂




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Mario Guini – RioALuna

Mario Guini (Sebastian) is a guitarist that has performed all over the world as a member of Marc Anthony’s band, and with many other musicians.  This young man from Argentina is now in the pursuit of making his own mark with his passion for music as half of the duo RioALuna with Jackie Mendez! RioALuna, based out of Miami are on their way to change the musical landscape with their Country/Latin fusion musical style. They have been performing and capturing the attention of fans from all over.

I am so excited for all that Mario and Jackie are doing as I have been a fan of Mario for many years; I have seen him perform when he was part of the musical project Talking Buddha with Erben Perez.  There has never been a time when Mario has not greeted me with a smile and a hug. I love his energy on stage and I always look forward to his songs as I am a proud owner of one of his first EPs.

I got a chance to chat with Mario last month outside of the Starland Ballroom in Sayerville, NJ. Hope you all enjoy the video below.  Please follow @RioALuna on Intagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Be on the look out for RioALuna’s EP coming soon! #WendyTFanLove #fanlovetothemax

Mario guitar

Picture taken by me in 2015 at Nassau Colesuem.

FullSizeRender (2)

Vintage Mario memorabilia: I believe this is his first EP… love all these songs 🙂




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