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My Surprise: Ozzie Melendez and Jean Rodriguez

My Surprise: Ozzie Melendez and Jean Rodriguez

Hola!  I am so happy to be back to my blog site it has been a while; I am bring you all one of the sweetest surprises I have had this year, and believe me there have been many, will be blogging about some of them soon. Today is about my beautiful Ozzie Melendez and Jean […]

Erben Perez – Bass Player – CEO of Trista Records

Erben Perez is a bass guitar player and producer who has traveled the world touring with many musicians. For the last 24 years he has been touring as one of the members of my favorite band in the Universe, “Marc Anthony‘s Band” a.k.a Da Baddest Band (DBB) as old MarcAnthonyFans.com fan club members call them. […]

My Cinderella Night at The Maestro Cares Gala 2016

My Cinderella night at The Maestro Cares Foundation 3rd Annual Gala fan experience…Trying to figure out where to start and it’s a little daunting as I am trying to comprehend what all this fan love means to me and for Marc Anthony’s fans. As a kid I dreamed about being at glamorous events as any little girl […]

Marc Anthony Back Home At MSG

My favorite singer in the Universe returned home to Madison Square Garden and his fans and I in particular could not have been happier. The expectations were high I must admit; we are talking “MARC ANTHONY AT THE GARDEN”. We received so much more than expected. More in that you could feel his honesty in […]


Hola… Fellow Fans hoping you all having a marvelous Holiday Season! It has been a while since I posted on WendyT Fan Love; real life took over and I just had to live it. I am happy to inform you all that 2015 has been a very interesting year in more ways than one. Family […]

JESSIE CARABALLO – Talks about new music, touring, family and more…

December 20,2014 – Jessie Caraballo from time to time referred by Salsa singer Marc Anthony as “El Monstro” (The Monster) due to his powerful percussion solos at Marc’s concerts. The 29 year old percussionist has been a part of  Marc Anthony’s band since he was 19 years old. Jessie’s solos during Marc Anthony’s concerts are already […]

“Go Mama Smell All You Want” – Marc Anthony to WendyT

“Go Mama Smell All You Want”, were one of the many words I heard 11 years ago today from my favorite singer on Earth Marc Anthony. On October 28th 2003 I was given one of the best gifts of my life by a fellow Marc fan and my very first Marc travel partner Denise. Denise […]