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“Go Mama Smell All You Want” – Marc Anthony to WendyT

“Go Mama Smell All You Want”, were one of the many words I heard 11 years ago today from my favorite singer on Earth Marc Anthony. On October 28th 2003 I was given one of the best gifts of my life by a fellow Marc fan and my very first Marc travel partner Denise. Denise invited me to go with her to the Show Nightclub after party which was going to take place after the tribute concert to Donna Summers at Radio City Music Hall; in which Marc and Ricky Martin were featured performers. All day I was like a little girl going to visit Santa, I was so excited, and full of anticipation I could not contain myself. I had no idea what he would say and I had no idea of what I would say. I have met other celebrities before but I had never had this crazy feeling. I had met people like Ruben Blades, Ray Barreto, and other Salsa artists, but I was meeting ‘my favorite singer’ and I could not believe it.

The concert was really nice, though we got a chance to see Marc a bit pissed off as the sound system was not working properly when he came out to perform, first time seeing that side of him, so I was of course worried about me. Yes, call me selfish because I was just thinking how that incident would affect his mood at the after party meet and greet.  Well needless to say I was a mess with anticipation, though not enough were I was not a bit prepared. The year before almost to the day, I had gone to Puerto Rico to see Marc in concert and outside the arena they were selling a “Marc Anthony 2002 Tour” Puerto Rican flag and I bought one. The minute I touched it and had it in my hands I said to myself, “He will sign this flag for me one day when I meet him”.

Denise and I decided to forego the finale of the concert and we left to make sure that we were one of the first ones on line outside the club. Johnny Rodriguez was one of the producers of the after party and TKA, K7George Lamond were performing at the club that night, now I love me some Freestyle music so I was happy (Marc sang Freestyle with them that night). Johnny came out to greet us and after a little while we were all able to enter the club, which got packed pretty quickly. There were several other fan club members there too so we were all chatting with anticipation. Aaron McClain, one of Marc’s ex-guitarists came over to me and brought me a drink I will never forget it as I don’t think he knew how much I needed it.

The moment finally arrived when I was able to be in front of the man I so wanted to meet for many years, yes many I have been following Marc since his Little Louie Vega days. I stand in front of him and he just hugged me and whispered in my ear how much he appreciated my support and said “I love you too”. In my head I was thinking, “OMG GOD HE IS ACTUALLY HUGGING ME!!!” I could feel his body next to mine, such a serial moment I could not believe it. I composed myself a bit and told him about how I always told the girls from the fan club that the day I meet him I wanted to smell him; Marc looked at me and moved his head to the side and said, “GO MAMA SMELL ALL YOU WANT”! I was laughing because I could not believe that he was serious I only expected him to laugh about it but no he really allowed me to smell his neck. I was hysterical with laughter and so amazed at him for giving me one of the best fan moments of my life. Then he sits down and reads the flag and asked me, “You were there” and I smiled and he smiled back, it was such a sweet moment. Now please know that the club is packed with people and there are other fans waiting on line to meet him, Johnny is trying his best to speed up the process and I in my altered state where the only two people who existed on Earth at that moment was Marc and I. I was not about to have, “My Marc Moment rushed”.  Marc starts to sign my flag and asked me, “What is your name” I kneeled next to him and he looked at me as if he knew that I was going to tell him exactly what I wanted him to write; and he was right. Marc signed my flag: Wendy, All my love “Mamita” he added his flower/heart and his name.

I can’t believe 11 years have flown by since my meeting Marc and having had this special moment that will live with me forever.  My favorite Marc moment also proofs in so many ways that dreams do come true, all you have to do is prepare, and the universe will give you dreams that feel like miracles.  Though the moment was not recorded via a picture as my friend’s camera did not work it did not matter because once again my heart told me that we would meet again. Three years later in August 2006 at the Taj in Atlantic City I received my second favorite Marc moment, another meet and greet and this time several pictures were taken. And just add to my fan treasures of my years of Marc fan moments, Marc and Jennifer Lopez signed a very special picture I selected of them that same day. I so thank God every day for my Marc Fan Moments, he will probably never know how much he has impacted my life, but knowing what I know in my heart he probably will someday. DREAM BIG IT’S FREE….. #fanlovetothemax #lovemyfanlife


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