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October 3, 2014 –  Mami Palooza delivered what I was so hoping for, a show filled with talented musicians who had us dancing and rocking all night. Chris Apostel, Mario Sebastian, and Cristian Castro gave a show that I wished I would have recorded in its entirety.

The show was so good that most of us did not leave Will Call Miami till way passed 3:30 a.m. we wanted more.  The show started with Nadia Forde a young artist from Ireland she had two dancers with her. Nadia sang several pop songs then she performed a ballad while Cristian Castro played acoustic guitar. I believe this is where her artistry shined, you could feel the emotion and the guitar was played flawlessly by Cristian. Sarah Packiam another artist from Ireland brought us her pop music style, she played the guitar and sang some of her latest releases (check out her website she has several covers and original music that will be worth your time) her performance was very compelling.

Then the time came when totally familiar musicians started to take over the stage, Eric Perez, Joenuel Lebron, Curtis Rodriquez, Ozzie Melendez, Ricky Gonzalez, Mario Sebastian, Jessie Caraballo, Erben Perez, Jean Rodriguez straight from being on stage with Marc Anthony at the  American Airlines Arena. It felt like family was getting on stage as I just had seen them minutes earlier at the concert. I started thinking this is the reason I looked up the meaning of “Palooza” before I left to Miami as I needed to make sure that I was getting a Palooza. (Meaning of Palooza: the word originated from Lollapalooza, a music festival; an exaggerated event). Miami Palooza was an “exaggerated event” as talent was overflowing from every single musician that performed. To see Marc’s band members outside of a large arena where I normally  see them perform and to see them in a smaller intimate setting such as Will Call Miami was a treat for my ears and eyes makes anyone appreciate them at a whole different level. They played their instruments to Urban/Hip-Hop/Rock/Salsa music it was fabulous how they can go from one genre to the next and all live.

Jean Rodriquez (JeanMusic) who happens to be a four Grammy nominee this year thanks to several songs he wrote and produced for different artists such as Prince Royce and Yandel. Jean took the stage and his energy alone made you happy he has a beautiful voice that just pulled you into every note and lyric he sings with his Urban/R&B/POP/Salsa fusion style. I highly recommend that you guys follow Jean the talent this young man possesses needs to be seen and heard every chance possible. Jean had with him a vocalist I recognized but could not remember her name and I was not able to remember from where I had seen her before it turned out to be Jackie Menedez who has toured with Ricky Martin as well as others, besides been physically beautiful she has a beautiful voice.  Jean also performed with the Urban/Hip-Hop group he belongs to Los Tabaqueros, who just last week recorded the video for their latest release “Fuego Y Sol”. Los Tabaqueros consist of members Jean, Itawe, Salazar, and Yeyo; these guys are producers and solo artists on their own right who got together to form this group full of energy that make you dance and smile. Their smooth vocals and rapping style makes you think that this group has been together for years as they compliment each other so well. You will definitely be hearing more of Los Tabaqueros as they are working on their album to be released soon. I personally can’t wait to see them life again, seeing them perform life for the first time made me like them even more (check out some the videos I took below, the quality is not great but at least you will get a sense as to why I like this group so much).

Mind State was another performer I was so happy to see at Miami Palooza as this is a young man I have been following lately and who I saw perform when he was a teenager. Mind State had with him vocalist Lauren Davidson who also has vocal that make anyone wish they could sing. Mind State rapped several songs and one of my favorites “Nite and Shining Armor” I just love this song and he performed it with such compassion and clarity, loved it. Mind State also had his dad Erben Perez on stage playing his bass guitar, and to see father and son bringing fans their talents in such an intimate space as Will Call Miami, was magical. It makes you wonder if they have ever thought that they would be on stage together like that one day when Mind State was little.

Mario Sebastian he is one of the first Marc band members I started following when he and Erben Perez had a band called Talking Buddah and they were doing gigs around the NYC tri-state area. Mario has a very unique style as his style is rock centric and pop. I really enjoy his rock and roll side, as I feel there is just not enough people who have the respect for the genre as Mario does. His guitar playing is beautiful it’s moments like these when I wish I studied music so that I could have all the words that can describe how he plays his guitar’; let’s just say the guy has “riff’s that are extraordinary”. He performed several songs but the one that just touches me is “Berlin”, I really like the energy I feel when he performs this song live. Mario is one of those musician who understands his musical style and is comfortable with it and I admire his lay-back energy.

The night was filled with love beyond my fan love, the artists on the stage where not only showcasing their own music they were also extremely supportive of each other. Jean would step in and do vocals for others, Cristian Castro would get on stage and play  his guitar not only for Nadia and Mario but also for Mind State. There was #fanlove overflowing as the audience was clapping,  dancing, and really celebrating each of the performers.

Miami Palooza was definitely one of the highlights of my Florida trip. #fanlove and respect to all who made this event possible, looking forward to the next one which Chris Apostel said may be happening in February 2015. Miami get ready to share #fanlove!

(Personal Note: you guys have any idea how hard it was for me to stay still while recording these guys performing, I wanted to dance and I had to remind myself, “Wendy the video!” 🙂 )


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