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JESSIE CARABALLO – Talks about new music, touring, family and more…

December 20,2014Jessie Caraballo from time to time referred by Salsa singer Marc Anthony as “El Monstro” (The Monster) due to his powerful percussion solos at Marc’s concerts. The 29 year old percussionist has been a part of  Marc Anthony’s band since he was 19 years old. Jessie’s solos during Marc Anthony’s concerts are already being considered classics by thousands of his fans. During his solos it feels like an explosion is occurring in the venue as you can hear the fans yelling and clapping during his solos in sheer fascination of the talent that is Jessie. His solos have become so famous among his fans  that even Marc has decided to join in the fun when Jessie is doing them; Marc actually sits on his own set of drums now and picks up his sticks to hit the drums to add to Jessie’s percussionist solo frenzy. The fans are in love with this soon to be legendary musician, who not only performs with Marc, this year he had the opportunity to tour some dates with Reaggaton superstar Yandel and others.

While Jessie was in Connecticut performing at Foxwoods Casino the last two concerts of 2014 with Marc Anthony I had an opportunity to discuss with him his new Album/EP “4:13” which he will be releasing in early 2015, touring, his family, and lots more.  Please watch my interview with  “Jessie (El Monstro ) Caraballo” below:



DSC_0418 DSC_0660DSC_0847DSC_0406Jessie drums(photo by @lensrevolution)


I have been a fan of Jessie from the minute I first saw him in concert with Marc 10 years ago and my personal experience with this young man has been a pleasure. It does not matter what venue I am in from LA to Puerto Rico, Jessie sees me and always finds a little time to chat. Jessie Caraballo is talented, respectful, and  faithful.

Follow Jessie:

Facebook: JessieCaraballoDrummer/Percussionist

Twitter: @JessieCaraballo

Thank you Jessie for being who you are… #fanlove!

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