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Laughing (Interview) With JOEY VEGA

Laughing with Joey Vega is basically what I did during my interview with the comedian. Joey Vega is a writer, actor and the comedian that opens for singer, Marc Anthony’s US concerts. I have known Joey since I started to travel to see Marc about 17 years ago. As much as I laugh when he […]

DJ EDDIE B. SWIFT – Fan Interview

When you grow up in the home of Hip-Hop, the Bronx it’s hard to resist the allured of what Hip-Hop makes you feel and when you mix that with being Latino; music is definitely part of your DNA. DJ Eddie B. Swift is all music 24 hours a day as one of the most sort after […]

Marc Anthony Back Home At MSG

My favorite singer in the Universe returned home to Madison Square Garden and his fans and I in particular could not have been happier. The expectations were high I must admit; we are talking “MARC ANTHONY AT THE GARDEN”. We received so much more than expected. More in that you could feel his honesty in […]

Ayiiti… Singer, lyricist and multilingual

 Ayiiti is a young singer with a sultry voice that will have you hooked from the very first note that you hear her sing. I met Ayiiti at the The Bitter End in New York City during the Christmas Palooza show last month. I was so impressed with her voice during the sound check that I just […]


Hola… Fellow Fans hoping you all having a marvelous Holiday Season! It has been a while since I posted on WendyT Fan Love; real life took over and I just had to live it. I am happy to inform you all that 2015 has been a very interesting year in more ways than one. Family […]

Lauren Davidson – Everywhere and beyond…

I had the pleasure April 7th at the DROM NYC to interview Lauren Davidson an extremely talented singer who has a rock style that just yells out “greatness”.  She gets on stage and just explodes with a voice that is purely classic rock and roll. Lauren will be releasing her new single soon and if […]


The Shady Record Story featuring Eminem, Paul Rosenberg, Dr. Dre, 50 Cents and others: As an Eminem fan I have been facinated about his story since I first heard him rapping, how a kid from the streets of Detroit gets world attention solely based on his lyrical prowess. Eminem’s intelligent use of words to convey his […]