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Ayiiti… Singer, lyricist and multilingual

 Ayiiti is a young singer with a sultry voice that will have you hooked from the very first note that you hear her sing. I met Ayiiti at the The Bitter End in New York City during the Christmas Palooza show last month. I was so impressed with her voice during the sound check that I just had to figure out how I could interview her.

The Bitter End was, needless to say, noisy as there were other performers also doing sound check.  I had to think quickly and my only alternative was to go into the ladies room to interview her. Thank goodness my friend Charlie agreed to hold the camera for me so I could use the flashlight from my cell phone to chat with Ayiiti in the ladies room. See video below of our brief chat and please excuse the quality since “bathroom interviews” don’t provide you too many options, but we must make the best of every #fanlove opportunity we get (never thought I would be worrying about lights and sound for my videos, be careful what wish for; #lovemyfanlife 🙂 ).

Ayiiti , born in Haiti, has a new EP out titled “No Heartbreak” with six songs for which she wrote the lyrics for. The EP has a variety of styles, a little pop, rock, and even a ballad that showcases the versatility of Ayiiti’s talents.  Ayiiti expressed that she is experimenting with different genres and is looking forward for her next project to reflect her multicultural background of Haitian, French, and Chilean.  Ayiiti recently recorded background vocals for Andres Cuervo, a Colombian, singer who currently has a number one hit on Billboards Tropical chart. During her visit to NYC she also performed at Maxwell’s Tavern. I am looking forward to seeing Ayiiti performing again and watching her career grow as her fans are dedicated and just as fascinated with her as I am.

EP – Ayiiti – No Heartbreak  song list: Down, Drifting Away, Rise and Fall, No Heartbreak, Move On Be A Man

Check out her social media sites: Instagram – @aytiiti, Facebook – Ayiiti, Twitter – @Ayiiti

IMG_1111 (1)

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