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Laughing (Interview) With JOEY VEGA

Laughing with Joey Vega is basically what I did during my interview with the comedian. Joey Vega is a writer, actor and the comedian that opens for singer, Marc Anthony’s US concerts. I have known Joey since I started to travel to see Marc about 17 years ago. As much as I laugh when he is saying his jokes I also take the time to look at his audience; whether its a large arena with thousands of fans or at a local restaurant Joey Vega gives his audience the laughs they came to receive from him and then some. They get an actor that can transform into different personalities and take on different voices, accents, and mannerism. Watching Joey Vega performing is also like going home and sitting around joking with your family and friends; he has a quality about him that reminds us of home. Joey’s Latino audience gets it double when he does his jokes in Spanglish, it truly feels like a party that you get to share with people you don’t know but  because everyone gets the jokes we all get each other.

Before being a staff writer for the George Lopez Show several years ago the New York City raised comedian of Puerto Rican decent had already had a “first” as the first Latino comedian to have his own nationally syndicated comedy show in the US named “The Latin Connection”. Joey has acted in several TV shows and movies acting with award winning actors such as, Sally Fields, John Tuturro, and many others. Rounders, Row Your Boat. He also worked on Ryder, PI, An East Side Story, and Punchline with Tom HanksJoey’s show business resume is extensive it also includes working Chris Rock, Jennifer Lopez, and we as his fans are the beneficiaries of his comedic gift.

I met Joey for dinner at a local restaurant where we discussed his sold out coming show at The Comic Strip in New York (September, 23rd) , touring with Marc, a special project that he is currently working on, and lots more. Joey will also be performing on Salsa Cruise in October along with several other Salsa artists. As I said I laughed most of the time so get ready to see some silliness during my interview with Joey Vega hope you enjoy the video interview as as much as I did.

Joey thank you for being so sweet with me and making me laugh! #fanlovetothemax #wendytfanlove

Follow Joey on  his social media sites: http://www.joeyvega.com, Facebook: @comedianjoeyvega, Twitter: @joeyvegacomedy, Intagram: @comedianjoeyvega



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