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All signs were saying Wendy you are going to see Victor Manuelle. As much as I tried to ignore it I just knew I was going to be there; I had to go see Victor Manuelle and Friends at Radio City Musical Hall in New York City. The signs were cruel, I would open my social media sites and postings about the concert were everywhere.  Several days before the actual concert I see a posting from George LaMond and one from Frankie Negron saying that they too were going to be performing at the concert it was just all too tempting as a fan; it was cruel the thought of not being there.

It was Friday,  October 14 the day of the concert and I am in my office when thoughts of my fan life start taking over. I was so trying to  ignore  my wanting to go to  the concert; but everything about me was saying, “go Wendy check out the tickets see what’s left”. Around 2:00 PM  I go into Ticketmaster and I found a ticket row AA orchestra 5 for a Professional Fan that is like dangling a bone in front of a dog.  I could not resist I bought the ticket and at 5:00 PM I left my office to NYC to see some of my favorites Salsa artists by myself. Life is too short to wait for the perfect moment or friends to do and go to places you want to go to; sometimes going solo is the best. I of course always meet lots of nice fellow fans; I was seating next to very interesting fans and I met up with one of my Marc Anthony road trip friends, I could not have been happier.

The first set of musicians started to take their place on stage and the audience immediately started clapping and as they are setting up I recognized one of them; Bobby Allende one of the best conga players/percussionists I know was leading the band. I know Bobby from when he was a member of Marc Anthony’s band and he had members of his own salsa band 8 Y Mas. When the band finished setting up George LaMond came on stage to sing and the fans started clapping and were so enjoying his performance, but I have to say we were left wanting more. The second act that performed was Frankie Negron, his energy is always special and they way he interacts with the fans is so special. Frankie is working on a new project and I just can’t wait to hear and see it all. After Frankie performed Dominican Salsero, Alex Matos came on stage and it was just beautiful so see him sing again. Alex Matos was born to sing Salsa he just takes over and all his happy with the world. The last performer to that came out to sing before Victor was legendary Puerto Rican Salsa artist, Ismael Miranda who was one of the first members of the Fania. Ismael comes on stage and he pretty much shows us how Salsa is done. He just represents everything that we love about the genre, it’s fun, emotional, and for sharing. DJ Alex Sensation was also entertaining the fans with his mixes before Victor Manuelle came on stage.

Then the moment arrives when “the man”  I could not resist seeing well over a month comes out with a beautiful tuxedo on looking thin; but oh so handsome and the fans go crazy as Victor Manuelle takes over his concert as the true Salsero that he is. I have seen Victor many times; my sister and I were front row the first time he had his first concert at MSG and I also took a picture with him earlier this year at The Maestro Cares Gala in  February. Victor sang his own classic songs and he also potpourri of other classic songs. One of the very special moments of the nights was when Victor paid respect to his father and advocated for Alzheimer decease awareness. I could not take pictures or a video of that moment as I would like every fan to experience that very special moment in person and plus I was too busy crying as it was so emotional for me. I so appreciate Victor Manuelle for sharing such intimate and emotional moments with us and I could not be more proud of this amazing Isabela, Puerto Rico son.

Though I had worked all day and decided at the last minute what my entire spirit wanted the last several weeks, my night was not over after Victor Manuelle got off stage, no the night had more beautiful surprises. After the concert a few fans decided to stay and wait for Victor and some of the other performers to come out of the venue. I got the chance to take pictures with Alex Matos, Ismael Miranda and the man who had my fan spirit working overtime Victor Manuelle. The first thing Victor did was he came over to me and kissed me. He just made my night by taking a picture with me, so sweet. They were all so sweet in sharing #fanlove with us, as a fan I was so happy with their humbleness and professionalism.

Hope you all enjoy the videos and pics I was able to take; I apologize for the quality but it’s hard trying to take videos and pics without using a flash because the venue would not allow it.

Thanks Angie, Ray, and Karen for sharing all this fan #fanlove with me!!!

Remember listen to  your spirit it has amazing surprises for you! #fanlovetothemax #wendytfanlove




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