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Don Sonero…. Dreams

He dreams about singing a ballad with Marc Anthony someday Gilberto Valequaez aka Don Sonero is amazingly special. What makes him special according to Wendy you may be asking be sides him sharing my admiration for Marc? Well let me tell you.  Don Sonero is a Salsa singer who was born in Puerto Rico but raised in New York. His musical influences comes from his exposure to many genres: Salsa, Hip-Hop, Jazz, Funk, R&B and Reggaeton. When you hear him sing, there so much that is felt from his melodic voice; I wish I knew all those technical words that would describe his range as a vocalist but I don’t and all I can tell you all is that when he sings you feel it. If he sings about a women doing him wrong you feel his pain, if he is sings about joy, you feel that joy.  He has the ability to take you into an emotional roller coaster ride. Don Sonero is not only a Salsa artist, but he is also a producer, song writer, and he recently discovered his love of acting. He has traveled the world as vocalist with different bands, such as Son Sublime, La Excelencia, Swing Sextet and has performed with many other Latin musical artists. Don Sonero has a CD name “La Verdera Escena” that is filled with beautifully performed songs that really showcase his unique singing style and the reason I am in total #fanlove.

Don Sonero is currently a member of the cast of “I Like It Like That – The Musical” at the Puerto Rican Traveling Theater in New York City his character’s name is Juan and he plays the elder son which is one of the main characters in the musical which starts renowned Salsa singer Tito Nieves.  The musical co-produced and co-written by David Maldano who was also the producer of Celia , El Cantate movie and several other musical productions.  Additional Producers include David Rodriquez, Juan Toro, Pregonest/Pritt, Cardenas Marketing Network – CMN. The rest of the cast includes: Shadia Fairuz, Rossmery Almonte, Ana Isabelle, Caridad De La Luz, Chachi Del Valle, Jospeh “Quique” Gonzalez, Angel Lopez, Nelson Gonzalez, Sofia Klimovsky, and Ysenia Santiago.

The first time I went to see the play my anticipation was through the roof.  I had some friends that had seen it and I had forbidden them from saying anything about the play as I wanted to be surprised. All that my friends were allowed to say was that , “ It was great and Wendy you are going to love it”.  I had read that the play was set in New York City’s El Barrio (Spanish Harlem)  and that the Salsa music of the 70s was going to be featured. Well,  I was beyond surprised and fell in #fanlove with the cast and their performances. I have since been back to see the play three times now, and just had to interview Don Sonero with my wanting to know as much as I could about him.

Let’s defined “Sonero” because lots of people can sing salsa but not everyone is a “Sonero”: An improvising lead singer in salsa music. He/she can improvise about anything but the “Sonero” must be able to follow the rhythm of whatever song is being played by the band at the time of improvising. It requires that the singer be quick in selecting lyrics that are being improvised to communicate whatever the singer wants and that he can keep up with the band’s rhythm at the same time. Great examples to me of Soneros are, Gilberto Santa Rosa, Victor Manuelle, and Cuban female singer, Albita.  They have the ability to improvise on the spot to whatever Salsa music the band is playing.  Very few artists can do it that well and Don Sonero has the ability to do that; hence his name “Don Sonero”.

I had the trill to be able to interview Don Sonero after one of his performances at the Puerto Rican Traveling Theater, and I must say I had such a surreal moment as an “interviewer/blogger”. I was in the middle of New York City doing what has become my passion and in a historic theater to the New York Latino community, with one of the most promising artist in the Latino music scene, and it just felt like we were both experiencing our dreams at the same time. Hope you all enjoy my chat with Don Sonero  he spoke about a new musical project that will be release soon, his introduction to music, and other things he would like to do in the future. Learn a bit more about Don Sonero and follow his journey going forward.

Don Sonero, thank you for sharing with WendyT Fan Love!

#fanlovetothemax #dreambigitsfree #wendytfanlove

Don Sonero and his fan

Don Sonero and his fan

Don Sonero

Don Sonero

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