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Don Sonero…. Dreams

He dreams about singing a ballad with Marc Anthony someday Gilberto Valequaez aka Don Sonero is amazingly special. What makes him special according to Wendy you may be asking be sides him sharing my admiration for Marc? Well let me tell you.  Don Sonero is a Salsa singer who was born in Puerto Rico but […]


All signs were saying Wendy you are going to see Victor Manuelle. As much as I tried to ignore it I just knew I was going to be there; I had to go see Victor Manuelle and Friends at Radio City Musical Hall in New York City. The signs were cruel, I would open my social […]

Marc Anthony Back Home At MSG

My favorite singer in the Universe returned home to Madison Square Garden and his fans and I in particular could not have been happier. The expectations were high I must admit; we are talking “MARC ANTHONY AT THE GARDEN”. We received so much more than expected. More in that you could feel his honesty in […]


Hola… Fellow Fans hoping you all having a marvelous Holiday Season! It has been a while since I posted on WendyT Fan Love; real life took over and I just had to live it. I am happy to inform you all that 2015 has been a very interesting year in more ways than one. Family […]

My L.A. Marc Anthony Birthday Weekend Cambio De Piel Tour 2014

So what is a Professional Fan to do when her favorite singer on Earth decides like basically every year during the fall to go on tour in the U.S.? Well she first goes crazy trying to find out the tour dates, once she does that she goes on and shares it with her fellow fans, once that […]

Romeo Santos – A Bronx Tale – Yankee Stadium Unimaginable Dreams

  As everyone already knows on July 11th and 12th  Romeo Santos sold out Yankee Stadium and made history, not only American history but Latino history. The Bronx born self proclaimed King of Bachata is definitely now the people’s King of Bachata. Born to a Puerto Rican mother and Dominican father Romeo represented for every […]

Kathia – “he has a way of healing me…”

Kathia – “he has a way of healing me…”

      The year was 1995 when four year old Kathia Velazquez heard the voice of her favorite singer; then and there she decided that she wanted to meet him.  Little did she know that the singer would become part of her life and the one person who could ease her pains. Kathia can best be […]