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My L.A. Marc Anthony Birthday Weekend Cambio De Piel Tour 2014

So what is a Professional Fan to do when her favorite singer on Earth decides like basically every year during the fall to go on tour in the U.S.? Well she first goes crazy trying to find out the tour dates, once she does that she goes on and shares it with her fellow fans, once that is done the plotting starts or should I say the dreaming. Marc Anthony starts his U.S. Cambio Del Piel 2014 Tour in California then he goes on to Phoenix, then back to California, and somewhere in the east coast is one of his fans anxious about what she should do. She has already decided that she is going to Florida to see him all three days, why would she even be thinking about going to Los Angeles, California for her birthday weekend and not go to Vegas which he will be performing on the actual date of her Birthday (09/13), like she did last year?  What is going on in the mind of the Marc Anthony Professional Fan?

The Marc Anthony Professional Fan a.k.a. me has known that she wanted to go to L.A. for years now. It’s true I so wanted to share a Marc concert with Cali fans I have spoken with for years but have never met in person. Cali fans that are just as crazy for his music as I am, so in the middle of the night a day before the concerts in L.A. I go on the computer and started doing my research as I have been doing since they announced the tour dates. Looking at flights and hotel packages and just dreaming and to my delight I found a package I could not resist! I kept posting a couple of days earlier that the universe was giving me signs that I would end up on an airplane soon. I booked my flight and the following morning I was on an airplane cross country to meet up with Cali fans and have a good time. My “Marc Miracles” were just beginning, a Marc Angel was able to provide me with VIP seats and I could not have been happier about my decision to spend my Birthday weekend with Mi Querido Marc (My Dear Marc), favorite band, favorite comedian (yes he has become that 😉 ), and fellow fans.

I had been to California before but not L.A. so I was happy to be in the city I had only seen in movies and TV. The last 16 years I have tried every year to go see Marc in a place I have never been to before be it a new venue, new city, or state (dreaming Europe don’t tell anybody 🙂 ). I immediately started walking around the area, good thing the hotel I booked was across from the Nokia Theater. I quickly learned about no “J” walking and the so called L.A traffic, its real. After hanging out with some friends it was time to go back to my room and relax before going to the concert. I was so looking forward that during this tour Marc would sing Espera, but there is #noesperainmyfuture, though he quickly made up for it by doing other things. The first night I had to check in my camera as they thought it was too much of a professional camera, I was so disappointed, as I wanted to come back with so good pictures to share with you all; but I quickly had to get over it as I could not let any bad energy interfere with my concert experience.

I greeted several people and got to my VIP seat and that feeling of being home started with Marc’s opening act Joey Vega and his comedic genius. Joey has a way of connecting to fans no matter what city I see him in. I love watching the fans laughing and just getting the jokes as if it was being told from their point of view, lots of happy people I loved it. Joey finishes and that magical band starts the opening music, I have heard countless of times but I still get just as excited with anticipation and wonderment. Marc gets on stage with his now all too familiar black suit which I personally hope to burn one day, don’t ask when or how, that is just my personal dream ;). He has on his sun glasses on which he keeps on for the first two songs then handed them to Shannon, he should have thrown them to the fans, but what do I know. Marc exhibited a very playful and sweet demeanor. While Marc sang and he was very playful even took selfies with the fan’s phone, he was out to give every “fan moment” he could which is what I love about him. His voice is just amazing, for those going to see him you are going to love it when he sings Cambio De Piel and Flor Palida…OMG they are so much better when he sings them live, it’s so beautiful. One of the many Birthday presents I experienced was Marc singing Que Precio Tiene El Cielo, it’s one of my all-time favorite songs in which I get goosebumps and just start tearing up, don’t know why but he just sings it in such a way that it just gets to me.  I wish I could bottle up this feeling and give it to every Marc fan that has not had the opportunity to see him sing live, it’s a very addictive feeling for me and I know that as long as I live I will have all these Marc memories. Let it be known that the day I die, I hope its at a Marc concert and all my fellow fans have a Marc party dedicated to me :). After the concert that first night, I had to do what any dedicated Marc fan would do, “I went Salsa dancing” at the Conga Room! It was so much fun, there were plenty of fans there who like me had just seen him and like me they were all on a Marc Anthony high. It was so nice to have complete strangers wishing me an early Happy Birthday…good times :).

The second day in L.A. I got up and again looking forward to what adventure the day would bring. I had breakfast with a friend and we decided to go on one of those Hollywood tours. Again seeing those streets that I had seen in the movies and on TV and walking the street with the stars was a dream come true. I had no idea I would get excited to find Burt Reynolds’s star, shows you how old I am (I can hear most of you saying Burt who?) :). I really enjoyed the tour and seeing the neighborhoods and in and around L.A and seeing that Hollywood sign on the mountain was a little surreal as I always knew I would see it in person one day. We were surprise to see Guillermo from the Jimmy Kimmel Show  recording a skit outside their studio. The sun was burning so we got back with cute tanned faces and we headed back to an early dinner before going to the venue. The second night Joey and Marc was just as magical the band like always perfect; the solos impeccable everything I love they are. Marc was so cute in expressing his gratitude for having Ednita Nazzario in the audience, she is a Puerto Rican legendary singer. The second night also had very special moments in that I got a chance to hang out with my fellow Cali fans Arlene, Wanda and their family members. Its amazes me how Marc fans are some of the most generous and sweetest people I know. They even came with a birthday present for me as if meeting them in person after so many years was not enough. Thank you both for our special fan moments will cherish them forever can’t wait to see you both in NY one day soon. Arlene thank you for our very special moment which shall remain a Professional Fan secret forever ;).

Of course my Marc journey has to include what has become my way of showing Marc Anthony how much he has enriched my life by volunteering and supporting The Maestro Cares Foundation (www.maestrocares.org). Just the thought that we have the possibility of changing one child’s life forever and not only that child’s life but the generations that follow is all worth it. I had so much fun volunteering and having the fans asking, “Where are you from”, because they just knew I had a NY accent, it was funny to me. Everyone who gave their donations and all those who volunteered thank you all so much.

I hope you all enjoyed my Marc Birthday weekend Fan Experience I am grateful beyond words. To all that made it special for me, you all know who you are, every smile, every kiss hello, every Birthday greeting…Thank You and Blessings to all!

To Mi Querido Marc …Happy Birthday (09/16) may God forever Bless you and your family! #fanlove


alexArlene and I

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