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Marc Anthony Back Home At MSG

My favorite singer in the Universe returned home to Madison Square Garden and his fans and I in particular could not have been happier. The expectations were high I must admit; we are talking “MARC ANTHONY AT THE GARDEN”. We received so much more than expected.

More in that you could feel his honesty in his love for his New York fans which we totally expected but being that we had not felt it at The Garden in a long time; it just felt like it was all new and something like a warm blanket on a winter day. I know, I know I have used that “warm blanket on a winter day” for Marc before but that is how it feels to me. I was even quoted in the Phoenix New Times using that phrase in 2002 by writer, Jimmy Magarhern (“Whoever has not had a chance to see Marc in person is missing out on a brilliant interpreter of emotions,” gushes Wendy T., a Puerto Rico-born woman who grew up listening to her grandmother’s Hector Lavoe and Tito Puente records, as well as the work of Marco Antonio Muniz, the Mexican singer Anthony’s musician-father named him after. “It can only be compared to a warm blanket on a cold winter day. He just covers you with this energy that makes you feel warm and cozy all over. When he is on stage, he walks on air — it’s not him, it’s like he has angels moving him from side to side, up and down. It’s incredible. I know he gets goose bumps all over, I can feel it.”). 

Marc was everything, his voice was impeccable, his interaction with the fans was warm and genuine, he made comical faces, he was funny, he was silly, and just totally adorable. I was so close to the stage that the fans next me were reaching out their hands and Marc would lean over to touch them. Someone asked me. “Why are you so calm and not reaching out”, I smiled and said, “It’s OK”. If they only knew how I really felt, see at this point of my fan life I don’t need another touch from Marc, I don’t need a meet and greet, I don’t need another autograph picture thank God I have lived those experiences several times already. I just love going to the concerts seating as close as possible to him and feeling all that energy that he to gives us with his songs, and his silliness on stage. I love closing my eyes and just feeling his voice live; its such a spiritual experience for me. I am not denying that given the opportunity to meet with him again that I would turn it down, hell no; but what I am saying is that I know longer want it, its OK let other fans have that amazing feeling of meeting  him. Now the opportunity to have a true conversation, yes that I dream about every time I see him and I wonder what would we chat about, love, politics, what, and will I be allowed to curse during our chat? 🙂

I had the amazing opportunity to share with a fellow fan who is handicap and the experience of seeing her face glowing with excitement of sharing fanlove with me was just wonderful; thank you Natalie! I can’t thank Marc enough for these moments that I get to live as a fan.

Some of us once again had the opportunity to volunteer for Marc’s foundation Maestro Cares. Love sharing with some amazing New York volunteers and I have to say that giving back is the best feeling. We were able to distribute Maestro Cares information and the fans were generous in their purchase of the Maestro Cares t-shirts as all proceeds were going to the foundation. Please look out for Maestro Cares volunteers at Prudential Center (02/13) and Western Bank Arena (02/14). If you would like to donate please go to http://www.maestrocares.org. In addition the Maestro Cares Foundation Gala will take place Tuesday, February 16th at Cirpriani’s on Wall St, NYC you still have a chance to purchase your ticket go to the site for further details.

Marc Anthony expressed  how proud he is of being born in New York and being Puerto Rican; he expressed it with such eloquence that only true Latino New Yorkers could fully appreciate; yea he cursed and we loved it. Nothing like the F word to make you feel at home; if you are raised in NYC you get it 🙂 . Marc also got a bit political when he said F### Donald Trump. The crowd went crazy clapping and hollering; it was beautiful to see Marc not holding back about how he really feels. Having said that I wish he would stop hinting about his dislike for La India every time he sings Vivir Lo Nuestro; I just don’t get why spoil the energy by making such a personal comment every time he sings the song. Whatever personal beef he has with her must be big; he has been doing it going on two years now; he only entices the curiosity as to what really happened between them; guess we will have to wait for one of them to write a book one of these days.

There were so many beautiful moments; the violin solo with Eddie Venegas; the drum solo with Marc and Jessie Caraballo. Marc Anthony’s Band and his crew are all about the fans, we can’t thank them enough for all that they give us fans. Comedian, Joey Vega never fails in making every fan laugh and coming off the stage to greet them and sharing fanlove. These are the magical moments that we fans live for to have your favorite singer in your hometown where they started their dreams of being where they are; is a beautiful thing for us fans. Marc is such an inspiration to the Latino community not only because of his musical legacy and but also as a business mogul. We are all looking forward to what is coming from his entertainment/marketing management company, Magnus Meida, LLC . As he says, ” I am living proof that anything is possible”.

Please watch the video below till the end so that you can see Marc expressing himself as to how happy he is about being “home”.

#fanloveothemax is an understatement as to how I feel about him…Thank you Marc Anthony for changing my life!

DSC_0081 DSC_0102 DSC_0086 DSC_0083


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