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Romeo Santos – A Bronx Tale – Yankee Stadium Unimaginable Dreams


As everyone already knows on July 11th and 12th  Romeo Santos sold out Yankee Stadium and made history, not only American history but Latino history. The Bronx born self proclaimed King of Bachata is definitely now the people’s King of Bachata. Born to a Puerto Rican mother and Dominican father Romeo represented for every Latino living on the planet who has dreams of a better life. As a former member of the best selling Bachata group Adventura, Romeo came prepared to give the audience exactly what they paid for, music, music and lots of surprise guests two nights in a row. It was evident that as an experienced seasoned performer he had the audience captivated with every move, every note, and every joke he had to offer. He was cursing a bit, having fun, and generous with his audience so much so that the first night he threw his four thousand dollar designer jacket into the audience. He threw the designer jacket to proof to his fans that they were worth more than four thousand dollars and he was grateful to have them.

Romeo and all that assisted to produce the show were extremely smart in the selection of the artists that were invited to be on stage with him. The first night Romeo brought on stage, Puerto Rican Reggaeton artist Tego Calderon, who he said inspired him to venture into singing Reggaeton. He also had legendary  Dominican artists Anthony Santos and Luis Vargas of them he said they were the ones that inspired him to sing Bachata.  The sexiest moves on stage were with 80 something year old female Merengue singer, Fefita La Grande. Even Bernie Williams came home to Yankee Stadium to play his guitar for Romeo fans. I have to mention Romeo’s band they were exceptional and the back-up singer JayRo Rosado, I really want to see him perform his own show one day soon, he was really a good singer, love his style, sound, everything (check out his picture below, had to take it, its part of being a Professional Fan, really I do this for you guys 🙂 ). There was also a surprise marriage proposal from Romeo’s longtime friend and barber who propose to his girlfriend, it was such a sweet moment for the audience; KimKaye would have approved.

Day 2 Romeo once again had a stellar performance where he surprised the fans with Prince Royce who sang Drake’s part of the hit “Odio”. And what some of us had been anticipating for two days (not going to name names 😉 ) Marc Anthony on stage to sing for the first time live the duet with Romeo “Yo Tambien”, it was trilling to no end. I just love being present anytime that Marc sings any song, but so much more when its a new song he has  never sang live before.

There were plenty of magical moments with Romeo at Yankee Stadium two days in a row, but when the members of his former group Adventura came on stage it felt like the entire Bronx was shaking. The excitement of seeing Lenny, Henry, Max, and Romeo had their fans in Adventura heaven. There was a young lady literally crying while her entire body was trembling from the excitement; I also witness an 11 year old dancing and singing out loud to every song they performed. There were fans from every age group, every Latin American country, and of course bilingual…it was beautiful to witness history in the making and the pride that was felt was wonderful and inspiring.

I have been to Yankee Stadium before to see Salsa and JayZ concerts and I  have truly enjoyed them, but the energy and anticipation felt at Romeo’s concert was definitely an experience that is going to be hard to beat as a Professional Fan, I was in music #fanlove heaven. These are the moments when I wish I could take everyone with me so that every fan can feel what I feel.

I have more magical professional moments that happened during this past weekend, you all will be reading those stories soon. I have to thank my fellow fans and Marc travelling partners for always making it special and their assistance. – Gracias!




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