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Que Viva Colombia!



I had so much fun at the Soy Colombia Concert held last night  at the Prudential Center and I went all “by myself”. Most of the time I go to concerts I usually go with several friends and or meet them there. For the Soy Colombia concert I was in pursuit of getting a press pass hoping that I would be able to interview some of the performers that were going to be on stage and of course, try to get good pictures to share with you all. Well I was denied a press pass, which kind of turn out to be a blessing in the disguise, which I will tell you about as you continue to read. Now as some of you may know I am fairly new to this media/press pass thing, and taking pictures at concerts was a job I always left to my “concert going partners”. WendyT is way too cute and busy trying to enjoy the show to be taking pictures, well that’s the way it was.  I know its bad, but hey I am still trying to figure out how the camera I just bought works, yea I had to buy a professional looking one those cute small color ones don’t yell out “member of the media”, who knew ?

As I am driving I am praying let the miracles begin because I was looking forward to seeing all the performers, which included Groupo Niche, Orquesta Guayacan, Nicky Jam, Jorge Celedon, and Silvestre Dangond. I love being a fan, and that I am a “seasoned” fan is even better; I drove up to the parking garage and told the attendant that I just needed to park on the first level or second because I was by myself and would be returning to the parking lot late; this is something that works most of the time if you get to the venue early and you ask kindly, which I did and ended up on the second level, which was great they were sending everyone else to the third level. As I waited outside the venue there were lots of fans all gathering, it was nice to see young people and older people with such Colombian pride, they had their colors on with soccer jerseys (as I had suggested on a earlier post), bandannas, and hats. I was chatting with some of them I asked if could take their picture they said yes; and they were all so happy it was contagious. La Mega radio station guys were there too, had to chat with some, its sort of comforting to see them around every time I go to a concert in the tri-state area, (Cuba thanks for the pic).

Once inside the venue is where the blessing in disguise started to materialize, my seat was on the floor, row 16, which for a relatively short person it’s not the best situation, but for a “Professional Fan” , no problem. I just knew that there was no way I was going to stay in that seat, I got up and told the guard if it was Ok for me to take pictures from the sides, he said, “yes”, I immediately took that yes and headed closer to the front of the stage, while there Nicky Jam come on stage to performed and I was able to take pictures almost as if I had gotten a “press pass”! I was so happy I was beside my self; after a bit a guard came to me and told me that I could not take pictures because my camera had a big lens, which was not true but I was not about to argue. I put the camera down and went into my bag, pulled out the “small colored camera” out, there was nothing stopping me from taking a picture ;). After a little while I ended on the second row center, I pulled out the Nikon and  started again to take my pictures. I did take some that are just Ok like I said I am still a novice when it comes to taking pics, but I was not about to give up. The most difficult part about this process is trying not to dance while taking the pictures and videos, it’s almost impossible for me :). Orquesta Guayacan was the second act and by that time I decided to find a seat on the side not too far from the stage and I stayed there for the remainder of the evening. I needed to be in a place where I did not have too many people blocking my view above from the floor.

The fans were dancing in the aisles, they were drinking, singing and just feeling it , everything was so beautiful. I kept thinking as I sat there and was looking at everyone celebrating this immense pride for Colombia how much they must be missing their homeland. This feeling of melancholy just overwhelmed me because I know what the feeling of being away from your country is like. The artist who performed knew how it important it was for the fans to feel as if they were back in Colombia some sang typical Colombian music, and everyone was clapping and singing you can feel the love. Everyone was so kind with me, they offered me drinks, they were happy in allowing me to take their pictures, I could not have asked for more. When Grupo Niche and Orquesta Guayacan came out I was in Salsa, Cumbia and Vellanato heaven, I have  been dancing to their music for years. I have several friends who are Colombian, and a cousin who’s mom is Colombian, and according to them the country is beautiful.  Visiting Colombia is definitely on my bucket list and I am fascinated by their accent. QUE VIVA COLOMBIA!


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