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nourhan egypt

Music is the universal language and it can brings total strangers together meet Nourhan who is a fan I have never met in person, but we have a fan love connection that goes back many years. Most of us that have been members of Marc Anthony’s various fan clubs, know of this very special young lady as “Marc’s fan from Egypt” and have been intrigued by her dedication and her genuine fan love for Marc over the years.

– Nourhan we know you as a fan, but barely know anything personal about you, please share some information about  yourself if you don’t mind.  Where were you born, were do you reside, how old are you, are you going to school and what is your major, or are you working and what is your profession? Do you speak/understand Spanish?

I’m from Alexandria, Egypt’s largest city on the Mediterranean coast. I went to school and college there. I was born in 1989..  I’m almost 25. I have a BA in Linguistics and Translation. Last year, I moved to Cairo after I was awarded a fellowship at a private university there. So, I’m currently a full-time graduate student and a part-time instructor of Academic English. If things go as planned, I will graduate in Spring 2015 with a Master’s in Applied Linguistics.

I understand Spanish pretty well; I taught myself with the help of online dictionaries and my fair knowledge of French. I also started taking Spanish classes a couple of years ago.

-When and where was the first time you heard MA singing and what did you think, what was your first reaction? When did you see him face and was he singing at the time and what did you think of him?

The first time I ever heard Marc singing was in 2003 (WOW, I can’t believe that was 11 years ago!). I used to watch a lot of music videos on TV back then… One day I saw “I Need To Know” and it immediately became a favorite… Then I listened to “I’ve got you” and I was hooked! I was amazed by Marc’s mesmerizing voice and his charisma. I started reading a lot about him and bought all his records that I could find in the stores here in Egypt. Because I couldn’t find his older CDs, some incredibly kind and generous MA-Angels (you know who you are J) were thoughtful enough to share them with me.

-What is your favorite Marc song and why? Do you understand the Spanish songs (tell me if you translate them or have friends tell you what they are about, if you don’t understand Spanish)?

It’s very difficult to choose just one favorite song by Marc, but some of my all-time favorites are “Y hubo alguien”, “You sang to me”, “Que precio tiene el cielo”, “Hipocrecía” and all songs from” Libre”.

I do understand the Spanish songs. I used to spend a lot of time translating the lyrics from Spanish into English and then I got to a point where I knew enough vocabulary and would just understand the songs without having to translate every single word. Like I said, my knowledge of French helped me a lot.

-What is it about MA that has led you to continue to be such a loyal fan?

To me Marc is an extraordinary artist; his voice is like magic. He’s tremendously talented in both singing and acting, he’s very charismatic and funny, and he’s very kind to his fans. His music has helped me through some tough times and for that he will always have a special place in my heart. He also introduced me to some very special people whose friendship I will cherish forever.

What is your ultimate Marc fantasy?

 I just wish I could attend one of his concerts someday.

 – If you could ask Marc one question what would it be?

This is probably very cliché, but I would ask him about the happiest and saddest moments in his life.

 – What would you like Marc to know about you?

I would just like him to know that I’m very grateful to him, his music, and the fantastic people I got to know through him.

 – What other artists are you a fan of and what songs are you currently into?

I don’t have a lot of favorite artists, but I like Amy Winehouse, Lana Del Rey, and Dido. I also love listening to Arabic songs from the sixties and seventies.

 -What has been your experience in sharing fellow fans?

I feel very lucky and grateful for having been part of “La Familia”.  I’ve always been amazed by how supportive, warm, and friendly everyone is. When I think of the Marc Anthony Club (MAC) community, nothing but fond memories come to my mind. I will always cherish the friendships I made there.

I asked Nourhan if there was a special picture that I could share and this what she said and sent:

Nourah marc kisses

Well, back when we still had MAC, I logged in one day (I think it was in September 2005) and found a new thread with my name. I clicked and then found this autograph. I can’t describe how I felt; my heart was pounding and I started crying of happiness and couldn’t really comprehend what was happening. It took me some time to get myself together as I read the posts, I found out that one of the members of La Familia (the lovely lady we knew as “marcoholic”) had won a Meet & Greet with Marc. When she met him, she told him about me and asked him to sign her copy of Amar Sin Mentiras for me. She later sent me the actual CD cover in the mail and, needless to say, it’s one of my most prized possessions. I will never forget this incredibly kind and thoughtful gesture.

Thank you for bringing back so many amazing memories and for wanting to interview me for your blog.

 Nourhan, I am glad we share our love for “Libre”, I feel we missed out on having a “Libre” tour. My wish is that one day I could  facilitate your Marc  fantasy of attending a Marc concert and to enhance it with a meet and greet. Wish you lots of success in your chosen career we are proud that you have chosen the Spanish language as part of your life’s work. Gracias Y Bendiciones!



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