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Bronx Dominican Parade – 2014



Elvin Polanco and me!

I love surprises and this weekend I had a nice surprise when I was invited to the Bronx Dominican Parade by none other than the founder of Aventura, Mr. Elvin Polanco. I would like to send a special thank you to Mr. Elvin Polanco who is the CEO of Elvin Polanco Music Group for inviting me to the parade and providing me with an all access pass. Mr. Polanco is managing Chantel Collado, Banda D Colores, and Javi Diaz (El Swagger) musical artists which I will be featuring soon here at WendyTFanLove.com.

The Bronx was full of Dominican Pride this past Sunday, July 28th , as the Grand Concourse played host to the 25th annual Dominican Parade. The floats were full of music and the parade route was full of extremely happy people. Some of the Dominican Republic’s well known artists such as Johnny Ventura, Sergio Vargas (I always wanted to see him perform live, and I got to see him today 🙂 ), and Maestro, Henry Garcia with Banda D Colores came to the Bronx to celebrate the parade with their fans. Also present were up and coming artists such as International Boyz, Bachata Heightz, Chantel Collado, and El Duo Perfecto, these young Dominican artists are starting to make their mark on the music scene with their unique fusions from Bachata, Pop, Salsa, Urban and R&B music. The parade was also filled with local media celebrities such as Shirley Ponce from Univision 41, El Pacha local radio personality, along with local radio DJ Alex Sensation, DJ Aneudy and DJ Lobo. There were also plenty of local politicians making their rounds and showing their respect to the Dominican community.

Besides music and celebrities in attendance one of the best parts of the parade is seeing the children with their parade costumes and dancing their well rehearsed moves. The parade is a celebration of Dominican culture,  its people, and there was plenty of it. The very best part of the parade for me is seeing the people with their flags, bandannas, hats and their smiles. I had a wonderful time at the parade and I also met up with some new and old friends which just added to my beautiful surprise. In Spanish the parade is called, La Gran Parada Domenicana, well it was certainly “Grand”, my congratulations to the parade founder and executive director Mr. Felipe Febles#lovemyfanlife #fanlove


Shirley Ponce                                                                                    Henry Garcia (middle) and members of Banda D Colores


Chantel Collado                                                                                 Robin Cepeda of Duo Perfecto


El Pacha                                                                                             International Boyz


Cursi                                                                          DJ Joel Santiago


DJ Aneudy                                                                                  Tommy Pena (Comedian) aka El Goldy, TFIVEK, MR,5000


Some of the fabulous costumes                          Elvin Polanco and Karina Lascano (Mas Amboy FM 107.9)






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