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Javi Diaz (El Swagger) – Urban/Reggeaton Artist



Elvin Polanco, CEO of Elvin Polanco Music Group does it again, the founder of “Aventura” has signed Javi Diaz (El Swagger) an Urban/Reggeaton artist. El Swagger who has been polishing his artistic skills since the age of 13 is currently in the mist of two international releases “Activate” and “Bailando”.

I recently met with El Swagger in Brooklyn (yes El Swagger took me back home near my old neighborhood, I did not realized how much I miss Graham Ave), and this is some of what he shared with me:

You were  born and raised in Puerto Rico how did your love for music begin:

I was part of the church choir when I was young and by the age of 13 I started writing lyrics and developing a musical style that comes not only from the church music I grew up with but also of the Salsa music I was listening to from artists such as Frankie Ruiz, El Grand Combo and many other Salsa artists of the 70s and 80s. I expressed to my mother that I wanted to pursue music and she said if that is what I liked that I had her support.

I started performing rap music in 1995 with a group of friends as a matter of fact we would perform in a club not to far from here; the group split up and all the 90s Reggeaton music starts to explode from Puerto Rico with such artists as Rico C, Daddy Yankee, Don Omar, Wisin and Yandel and that motivated me to continue to write music. I always put God before anything, and my faith, and having so many musical influences has help me to keep positive, and to continue improving my musical skills.

You have been working on your new project of which will include your two recently released songs “Activate” and “Bailando”  which I have been listening to non-stop lately; what/who inspires you when you write:

Thank you Wendy for liking the songs I really appreciate it. I tend to write romantic lyrics and what usually inspires me is my family and life experiences. These two songs we released were written late at night 3 or 4 o’clock in the morning, when inspiration hits I just have to stop and write. Write the idea and continue to develop the lyrics and the sound until the song becomes what I want it to be. I want the fans to feel the lyrics, the music, and the message I am trying to convey.

How did you come across Elvin Polanco, and why did you decide that he was the one you wanted to work with:

I knew of Elvin from his work history with Aventura, and his other projects as manager and producer; I decided that I wanted to take my music to another level, I discussed it with my family and decided to contact him. When I reached him he said,  “sing something for me”, I started to sing and he liked.  We met and we had several discussions and he signed me, which I am very happy about.

How did you get the nick name “El Swagger”(he starts to laugh):

“El Swagger” is a nick name that was given to me by Elvin he said we need to call you something besides Javi Diaz, and we started brainstorming and he came up with “El Swagger”.

(I have to say that based the two songs I have been listening two “El Swagger” is a nice fit I so agree with Elvin; there is all kinds of swagg in those songs :).)

I am curious to know who would you love to collaborate with and what is the one venue you would love to perform in one day (he gives me a big smile):

WOW, well there are many great artists that I would like to work with, but if I had to pick two it would be Don Omar and Ivy Queen. They are the type of artists that sing within the Urban/Reggeaton genre but they can really sing any genre they want, because of the quality of their voices. Now I have to confess to you that in Salsa Marc Anthony is my favorite (see people Marc follows me everywhere is not me and when I asked the question I wanted him to say Ivy Queen she is my favorite female Urban artist ;)). I course would love to perform in Madison Square Garden one day, its every artist dream I believe.

I know that you have been performing in the NYC tri-state area recently do you have anything lined up soon:

Yes thanks for asking, I will be on the Yari A Otro Nivel show on Saturday, August 2nd on the Time Warner Channel 79, and on August 14th I will be on Cablevision Chanel 1025’s La Llave TV Show, please I invite all the fans to watch the show and be on the look out for my future performances on my social media pages  Facebook: Javi Diaz, Instagram: JaviDiazElSwagger, and Twitter @diazjavi376 

Javi, thank you so much for meeting with me and allowing the fans to get a glimpse of your story and we are looking forward to seeing you in your dream venue of MSG, in the mean time I am sure that your fans will find you where ever you go.

Thank you Wendy and  I am looking forward to seeing Marc with you one day soon (this time Wendy is smiling).

Now I so wanted give you guys some pics of Javi Diaz “El Swagger” and as I started taking several pics of him he took off his glasses and I discovered that this young man in additions to having a great voice and being a composer he has “green eyes”; so much for those glasses!


Javi Diaz El Swagger





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