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My Surprise: Ozzie Melendez and Jean Rodriguez

Hola!  I am so happy to be back to my blog site it has been a while; I am bring you all one of the sweetest surprises I have had this year, and believe me there have been many, will be blogging about some of them soon.

Today is about my beautiful Ozzie Melendez and Jean Rodriquez surprise interview; well in a way it’s not a real surprise as you all know by now I prepare and pray for all that happens in my life, but then again it still feels like a surprise to me. I have to say this is such a sweet interview for me because Ozzie Melendez has surprised me with his new Salsa song “Camaleón” and Jean Rodriguez along with his partner Danny Flores at their music production company, Coast City Music are the producers of Ozzie’s new musical project.

Last week I left to Foxswoods Casino in Connecticut a day before Marc Anthony’s concert because I wanted to rest a bit before my two days of Marc’s concerts (second concert was the next day in Long Island). I just wanted to be ready to enjoy it all; the next morning I went downstairs to get breakfast and Jean is walking towards me and we stopped to chat. I said Jean, “let me interview you today, we have been trying to set it up more than two years now”, he said, “OK let’s do it today after rehearsal”. During our conversation I mentioned my surprise about Ozzie singing such a beautiful Salsa song. Jean, says, “Wendy I produced it, we produced it at Coast City Music!”.  I was so surprised what are the odds that the two people I wanted to interview that day were working together! I said, “OMG, I want to see if I can interview Ozzie too”. Jean says, “Wendy he is around here somewhere so you might come across him”. So as I continued to walk, Ozzie was walking right towards me, so I set up an interview with him too. Sometimes I surprise myself, there is no other way for me to describe this gift from them than a “surprise”.

When the time came for the interview as I am speaking with them I just a got this surreal feeling because I am really in awe of them as these are musicians that I have seen countless of times from coast to coast and Puerto Rico. I have enjoyed when they have worked on their other projects besides their touring with Marc Anthony. During this interview I got the chance to learn more about these amazing musicians, that are not only trombone players (Ozzie), background singers (Ozzie and Jean), but they are also producers, composers, musical directors, they even give musical clinics to up and coming musicians. Ozzie and Jean have worked with the who’s who in the musical world. Ozzie is part of Funkharmonik Band they perform a unique Jazz/Funk style of music, he has worked with Gloria Stefan, Gilberto Santa Rosa, Ray Charles, Harry Connick, Jr., Celine Dion, and has been part of countless musical projects. Jean is really active producing and working on projects for Prince Royce, CNCO, JBalvin, and he has worked with legendary artists such as Ednita Nazario. Jean is also part of Tony Succar’s Unity Project Tribute to Michael Jackson, and sings several of Michael’s songs and does background vocals on others. If you have not seen this special project please look it up it’s really amazing.

The talents and passion they possess will be delighting us fans for years to come. I am beyond happy to be able to share with you fans Ozzie Melendez and Jean C. Rodriguez, enjoy my interview with them. Ozzie and Jean, Gracias de todo corazon, thank you for trusting in me to share your gift of your musical talents with the world.

“Camaleón” is available on all digital outlets, I hope you all love it as much I do! #fanlovetothemax, #wendytfanlove

Thank you Charlie Malave, for being my videographer and my Angel on so many occasions!

I tried to share with the Spanish speaking fans some information apologies for my poor Spanish skills, believe me my mother will be covering her hears too 🙂  Pero trate y eso es lo que cuenta!

You can follow Ozzie Melendez on his social media sites: www.OzzieMelendez.com, Facebook: Ozzie Melendez, Twitter: @oz_melendez, IG: oz_melendez

You can follow Jean Rodriguez on his social media sites: www.jeanmusica.com, Facebook; JeanMusica, Twiter: @jeanmusica, IG: @jeanmusica, @coastcitymusic

You can follow me on my social media sites: Facebook: Wendy Tiles (WendyT Fan Love, which will be coming soon), IG: @wendyt_ma, Twitter: @wendyt_ma_fan







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