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Erben Perez – Bass Player – CEO of Trista Records

Erben Perez is a bass guitar player and producer who has traveled the world touring with many musicians. For the last 24 years he has been touring as one of the members of my favorite band in the Universe, “Marc Anthony‘s Band” a.k.a Da Baddest Band (DBB) as old MarcAnthonyFans.com fan club members call them. I have had the pleasure of seeing Erben performing live for many years. Erben lives to make music and has made this fans extremely happy by being so humble like many of the other members of my favorite band; he always finds the time to show #fanlove to me.

Erben is currently doing double duty as he continues to tour with Marc Anthony  and  is the CEO of a record label. Erben and several partners which include Romani Rovayo and Hector Mestre have come together to create Trista Records, a new record label which aims to go old school and develop their artists in every way possible. Trista Records has the undeniable pleasure to have Don Felipe Muniz as one of the first artists to be signed to the label. Don Felipe is none other than iconic Salsa singer, Marc Anthony’s dad who wrote “El Ultimo Beso”, which Marc recorded. Trista Records has already released Don Felipe’s first single which is a duet with Salsa recording artist Tito Nieves. The single’s name  is “Mientras Duermo (While I Sleep)” which is a beautiful song that speaks of lost love; needless to say I am a huge Don Felipe Muniz fan. The single is currently available on all digital music outlets and the CD is scheduled to be out soon. The CD “Nuncas Es Tarde (It’s Never Too Late)”, will include a duet by father and son called “Deje De Amar (I Stopped Loving)” and the fan’s anticipation is off the roof; myself included. It so happens that Don Felipe Muniz will be performing  with his son Marc Anthony at Radio City Music Hall in New York City in August. It was recently announced that Marc Anthony signed his father to his artist management company, Magnus Media. At 80 years of age Don Felipe Muniz is living out his dreams and will be touring soon.

Trista Records has also signed Colombian singer Esteban Nieto; Nieto’s style is all pop with a beautiful Vellanato/Urban fusion that will have his fans singing and dancing. Esteban Nieto originally from Cartagena is already working on his up and coming CD and if it’s anything like some of his YouTube videos he already has a fan in me.

I caught up with Erben in his hometown of Perth Amboy, NJ and we chatted about how he got involved in the music business, about Trista Records, Don Felipe’s CD, and we reminisced a bit. I also got the chance to thank him for his son, M1nd Stat3 who was my first written interview (you can find it in the Interview tab). Please click on the videos below. I hope you all enjoy the interview with Erben Perez and continue to support him in his new business venture Trista Records.

Any artist interested in submitting their demos, videos, digital uploads for consideration  (all genres accepted) by Trista Records please email: Tristarecordlabel@gmail.com

Follow Trista Records at http://www.TristaRecords.comFacebook: Trista Records, Instagram: @TristaRecords, Twitter: @TristaRecords

I can’t say it enough sometimes I can’t believe my own life to be able to interview some of my favorite musicians is me living my dreams; I sincerely hope you all get to live  your dreams. #fanlovetothemax  #wendytfanlove #dreambigitsfree 

NOTE: Several days after this interview took place I had the pleasure of meeting Don Felipe he kissed me and Marc Anthony also kissed me at the concert at Radio City…. Happy Fan…Dream Big Mi Gente!!! :

Erben at the Maestro Cares Gala in Cipriani Walls St. NYC 2016DSC_0029

Erben’s  musical idols and mentors, Ruben Rodriguez and Sal Cuevas

Ruben and EP

Don Felipe, Tito Nieves, Hector Mestre, and Erben in the recording studio.

Don Felipe recoding

Erben and Don Felipe Muniz

Don Felipe and ErbenIMG_0817

Esteban Nieto – Trista Records’s new artist

esteban nieto

Erben in his Talking Buddah days (his old band), with Bill Clinton and Angel Fernandez – Erben Jean Rodriguez, William Duval and President Obama – Erben with Aarron Mclain

Erben with Leah Remini and Jennifer Lopez – Angel Fernandez, Ruben Blades, Marc Anthony, and Erben – Erben, Mario Guini, and the group Magic

DSC_0035 Erben and his grandson, he was adorable and was my security during the interview….thanks Papi!

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