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DJ EDDIE B. SWIFT – Fan Interview

When you grow up in the home of Hip-Hop, the Bronx it’s hard to resist the allured of what Hip-Hop makes you feel and when you mix that with being Latino; music is definitely part of your DNA. DJ Eddie B. Swift is all music 24 hours a day as one of the most sort after DJs he has acquired all the skills and knowledge that a NYC DJ represents.

As I often say, ” I am not musically trained but I know what I like”, there are so many things I like about DJ Eddie B. Swift I love how humble he is, I love how he is so willing to share some of his music knowledge, I love how he represents a true NYC DJ. Listening to DJ Eddie B. Swift for me is like reliving my youth. DJ Eddie B. Swift tours with legendary rap group Cypress Hills and also has a featured spot in group member B Real’s internet TV station http://www.berealtv.com.

DJ Eddie B. Swift and I met backstage at Barclays in Brooklyn several years ago when I was covering the WU Tang Clan’s reunion for Global Music Magazine; again one of those true “living my dreams moments” where DJ Eddie B. Swift was the host DJ for the night with MC Ramel. Needless to say I was on cloud nine as I am standing on stage with legendary NYC artists.

The definition of a NYC DJ for me is that DJ that takes you on a musical roller coaster ride where he is able to mix old school music with the new, where Hip-Hop, Latin music, House/Freestyle music, and last but not lease Reggae music. DJ Edde B. Swift takes is fans on the musical roller every time he performs.

I got the chance to interview DJ Eddie B. Swift several moths ago at the Ruff Ryder Club in the Bronx at the Global Music Magazine’s sponsored Sho Me What U Got Showcase. Please enjoy the videos below  which includes guest appearance by MC Ramel  where Eddie shares how he got started and more.

Follow DJ Eddie B.Swift on on http://www.brealtv.com, website: http://www.eddiebswift.com, Facebook: EddieBSwift, and Instagram: @eddiebswift. #fanlovetothemax 🙂




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