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Lauren Davidson – Everywhere and beyond…

I had the pleasure April 7th at the DROM NYC to interview Lauren Davidson an extremely talented singer who has a rock style that just yells out “greatness”.  She gets on stage and just explodes with a voice that is purely classic rock and roll. Lauren will be releasing her new single soon and if its anything like the songs she performed at the DROM NYC we are in for a beautiful experience. Lauren is also a song writer, she shared with me that sometimes she is just walking the streets and all of a sudden a song idea comes to her and she immediately pulls out her phone to record it.

Lauren has been working and improving her craft from as early as 10 years old. She goes where ever there is a stage for her to perform in, she does back up for several musicians in the NYC Tri-State area, she has performed with country groups, and wedding bands. Lauren recently performed at Arlene’s Grocery her first solo showcase and here she was at the DROM doing it a again solo. She performed with her band (Cris Cats, DP, Will, and Agusto) several songs and just left the fans wanting more.

Lauren will be back in Miami to perform at the Miami Palooza event at Will Call Miami on Friday, April 24th along with several other artists. Miami Palooza is a musical event that brings some of the best young talent in the US; produced by Chris Apostle, Mario Guini, and Cristian Camilo Castro (Cris Cats).  Please see below my brief interview with Lauren, video of her performing, and some sound check pictures.

(#fanlovemiracles: soundcheck with favorite musicians…the best) 🙂 #fanlove

Go to http://www.laurendavisonmusic.com  for event dates and news



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