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Welcome to WendyT… Fan Love!

HOLA! My name is Wendy and my hobby is going to concerts and being a Marc Anthony “Professional Fan”. I have been a Marc fan since the beginning of his singing career and one of my favorite things to do is go to his concerts. There is something about his voice that touches my soul since I first heard him singing Freestyle music when he first started his musical career. Marc is now a world famous award winning Salsa artist, producer, songwriter, actor, philanthropist and a true musical legend who not only represents his unique style of Salsa and POP music but also represents the Latino community wherever he goes.

Since 1999 I have traveled by car, bus, train, boat (yes even the Staten Island Ferry) and on airplanes to see Marc. I have met thousands of fans some of them have become my best friends and my Marc Anthony travel partners, as I like to call them. I have mostly traveled to concerts in the east coast, Puerto Rico and last year Las Vegas for my birthday. I always say that I have Marc stories to write a book, I have not found time to write that book yet, maybe someday. I like to call myself “The Marc Anthony Professional Fan” and this is what has inspired me to create this site. I love sharing not only Marc’s concert stories but other artists as well with fellow fans and I am intrigued by other fans stories too. I love music and I am in awe of all those that possess musical talents as God has decided that I can only be a “fan”. This is how I feel about Marc, ” It’s not about hearing him sing, its’ about the way he makes you feel when he sings”.

WendyT… Fan Love has been created for the multicultural music loving fan who likes to share their fan stories and those fans who love to read them. The website will feature Latin, Urban, Hip-Hop, alternative music, and artists but as the fan base grows we hope to feature as many diversified artists as our fan population request. Post who are your favorite artists, songs and share your fan concerts experiences; fans are also encouraged to share their comments on post. WendyT… Fan Love also intends to provide fans with artists interviews, introduce fans to new artists, and all those that bring us the music we love. We will be engaging you the fan with with questions and contest to make WendyT… Fan Love as entertaining to the fans as possible and you fans are on center stage. Your comments will be instrumental in the the development of the site as much of the content and information provided will be determined by fan participation and fan’s suggestions.

 I love most genres of music  Rock, R&B, Reggaetton, Hip-Hop, Salsa, POP, Latin Jazz, Jazz, Opera, Freestyle and yes even Country thank you Elvis Presley-Danny Rivera-Frankie Ruiz-Whitney Houston- Alejandro Sanz- Olga Tanon- Carol King- Michael Jackson-Teddy Pendegrass-Fernandido Villanola- Alexandra Guzman- Ivy Queen- Bruce Springsteen- Eddie Palmeri- Sugar Hill Gang- Celia Cruz- Calle 13- TKA –  Ruben Blades, and my new/old love Nicky Jam who is on a come back with a vengeance. There are so many artists that have touch my life the list is endless and I am hoping that WendyT… Fan Love users feel the same. I am blessed to be bi-lingual so I have the best of both worlds; I often wonder what other great music I am missing because as I only know English and Spanish. I sometimes find myself listening to Japanese, Indian, Italian, and Portuguese music even though I don’t understand the lyrics but I can feel the passion. I am so happy I get  to listen to all types of music and share it with fellow fans looking forward to reading what you music fans are listening to.

 Music and those who have the gift to share it can change our lives this site is for you fellow fans who “get” the concept of  “Fan Love”. Life is about living moments and accomplishing dreams,  I am living every moment and living my dreams join me on my WendyT…Fan Love journey!  I love my fan life… #fanlove….enjoy! – WendyT

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  1. Awe Wendy that so much for this labor of love. I’m glad there is a place for us to share our crazy love for our Marc and other artists. Congrats on you new site!!!! Love it. Hasta la proxima, chiquitamaf


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