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Luisito Rosario – New CD – Looking Sexy… and more!

Luisito Rosario is on musical journey that just yells out I am here and I have lots more to give which may explain his latest CD titled ” Vengo a Mi Modo” (Coming My Way).  The Salsa artist of Puerto Rican descent has a style that is undeniably filled with love and dedication. Mr. Rosario has a Salsa style that can best be described as both very soft and debonair yet with all the aggressiveness of his Salsa Dura ( hardcore Salsa, which means a  more fast paced rhythmic Salsa with more aggressive lyrics) style. While speaking with Luisito he expressed what I feel it’s important in an artist and that is that he is aware of what the fans come out for. He said, “ I want to be entertaining, I want people to have fun, and I want to reach each person that is what I strive for”.

Luisito is in the middle of promoting his latest CD “Vengo A Mi Modo” I got the opportunity chat with him and I was very impressed with how passionate he is about Salsa and his fans:

Luisito, all your fans are all excited about the new CD; I am intrigue with the CD title, “Vengo A Mi Modo” (Coming My Way) how did you select that title? Tell us what we can expect and how did you go about selecting the songs that have been included in the CD:

“Vengo A Mi Modo”, is a song that I wrote, it’s who I am, what I do, how I interact with people. I am a people person and when I am on stage I make sure that fans enjoy themselves. When I sing it’s not all about me, I want the fans to have a good time. I want the fans to be engaged, dance, throw their hands up in the air, and make it a party.   That is why the lyrics says (OMG he actually sang a bit of the song to me his voice is beautiful) “Vengo a mi modo, oye soy diferente, para alegra a la gente y al bailador….” (Coming my way, listen I am different, to make people happy and the dancers…). People work hard and when the weekend comes or they attend a festival they want to have a good time, I want to take the fans on a musical trip and I come to bring them joy. While there are romantic Salsa songs on the CD I also don’t forget about the dancers, and that is why some of the arrangements on this CD take the dancers into consideration, so that they have fun too. I also try to stay true to the old school 70s Salsa style where it was about the dancers. On this CD there are also several solos by the band which is what Salsa music is all about too, enjoying the music as much as we enjoy the lyrics. The CD also includes romantic Salsa and a song with English lyrics as my fans enjoy it all. On my previous recordings there is also a variety of styles. My goal is to please everyone as I also have fans that are not Latinos and we travel the world going to different countries bringing what I was born to do which is to make people happy with my gift. I love what I do and just to capture the interest of fans that did not know who I was and once they hear me sing and they ask, “when you coming back”, its fun. I also make sure that the band has a good time.

Why music, why Salsa, it’s obvious you can sing any other genre and in both English and Spanish? What attracted you to music and how old were you?

When I was younger we would listen to Freestyle music, my brother started to bring home Frankie Ruiz and other Salsa artist’s music to the house and I just started to sing the songs. My mother heard me singing one day and asked me, “was that you”, and she noticed that I had talent. But I did not really start singing in public until I was  like 22 years old. I was living in Jersey and some friends and I try to put a band together but nothing happen, then my family and I moved to Pennsylvania. I started working at a university and there were lots of Latino people working there a guy told me that he knew of a local band that needed a singer and I started singing locally. One day I got a call from Larry Harlow telling me that he needed a lead singer and that’s how my career started. I have also worked with other banks, Grupo Echizo, and Los Hermanos Morenos.  Till this day if I get nervous before I get on stage, I get excited and the day that stops that will be the day I will not sing anymore. I have also worked with other bands such as Grupo Echizo, and Los Hermanos Morenos, and others.

When was the first time your traveled overseas to sing and describe that experience for us. 

When I was singing with Los Hermanos Rosario, we went to Switzerland and that was the very first time I had traveled outside the country to perform. I was so amazed at how everyone welcomed us and how much they enjoyed Salsa, to see other people from other parts of the world enjoying what you do its such a gratifying feeling.

Is there a particular venue/show that has been your favorite thus far?

When I traveled to Puerto Rico for El Dia National Del Las Salsa that was unbelievable thousands of people attended.  I was so proud of the reception I received from the audience.  To be able to yell out “Viva Puerto Rico” to your people in their own country and the country of my ancestor’s it was such a pride filled moment and an honor for me. I will never forget that feeling of representing Puerto Rico and for me who was born in New Jersey it’s such a responsibility and that is how I feel in every country I am performing.

How does it feel to have your fellow musicians congratulating you and sending video messages about your new CD release? It’s like the world is celebrating with you and they are validating your hard work.

My fellow musicians have seen my hard work over the years, they see that I try to keep the Salsa alive just like them. Its my responsibility as a musician to be professional and respect what I do for those of us who have been doing this for years there is a respect for we have for one another.  It’s amazing to me and I am grateful that they feel that way about me and it makes me happy that they appreciate what I do. I was surprised one time when I was in Cancun and Bobby Cruz came to chat with me, and he expressed that he was a fan of mine, and enjoyed my music I was like WOW. Its always a humbling experience your fellow musician’s acknowledgement of your work.

Is there a message you have for your fans or something you would like them to know about you?

I want the fans to enjoy life, life is too short. Live your life positively. I am always positive; I wake up every day always looking for the best in everything. This career is difficult at times and there are lots of disappointments and you always have to try to have a positive attitude.

And my last question comes from your female fans (he starts to laugh) they want to know how do you continue to look so handsome and sexy – really they asked me to ask you (and the laughter continues)?

I play a lot of racket ball, and exercise. My daughter is always suggesting what to wear and what to buy. My wife is always making sure that I am well shaven they both look after me.  My wife is  the one that is the photographer of the CD cover and she came up with the concept. My family is always making sure I am looking my best and the fans deserve that too… I try.

Luisito thank your for your honesty, you understand who you are and you respect what you give us. I love how you know what we need and want as fans, thank  you so much!

The CD release party will be at the Copacabana in New York City on Tuesday, August 19, 2014 (all fans are invited contact the Copa and get on Luisito Rosarios’s guest list to attend for free call 212-221-2672). See below for further event dates below.

Fans follow Luisito on his social media sites: http://www.LuisitoRosario.com/Facebook: Luisito Rosario/Instagram: @LuisitoRosario/Twitter: @LuisitoRosariao


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Tuesday, August 19

 Official Record Release Party
When:Tue, August 19, 6pm – 11pm
Where: Copacabana, West 47th Street, New York, NY, United States
Saturday, September 20
Copacabana Cruise
Boarding 8:00PM, Departing 9:00PM
Pier 81 at 42nd Street, NYC
Friday, October 17
 Mexico City, Mexico
When:Friday, Oct 17, 2014
Where: Mitla No. 410. Esq. Eugenia Col. Narvarte México, D.F. C.P. 03020
Monday, October 27
 Salsa Cruise
When:Oct 27 – 31, 2014
Where: Bahamas

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