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Saum G – Cellist With Electronic Infused Music – New Release!

Recently seen at Coachella, Saum Ghosh (Saum G) is a socially conscious cellist and producer, whose urban cello-infused music is turning heads all over the world. The cello is a classy instrument. Some might even say “elegant.” But when Ghosh seamlessly integrates the traditional classic instrument into revolutionary pop music, the word is definitely SEXY.

Saum’s mission is to spread positivity through great music with this powerful message: the only way to be truly happy is to bring happiness to others – whether that is through volunteering, donating, or helping others in your own community. He uses the power of music to further his family’s foundation,Soumit’s Worldhelping fulfill the dreams of underprivileged children through the areas of academics, creative arts, and economic growth. Which, we can all agree, is just as sexy as his mad cello skills.

Hailing from Nashville with Indian parents, Saum brings a fresh, international style to his work. He was classically trained as a musician since the age of three, but discovered early on that he had an affinity for technology and electronic music. This led him to experiment with computer-based digital workstations, catapulting him into a thrilling creative platform.

His newest single, Fate and Flux, will be released on iTunes August 28, 2014.

Fate and Flux was inspired by the constant influx of material distractions in modern relationships and how they distract us from what is truly important. Going against the introspective life epiphany being chronicled in this tune, Saum takes a fun, upbeat approach – and of course, masterfully played on the pop cello. – Molly Rose

I was recently introduce to Saum G’s music and just wanted to know a bit more of this very talented young man and this is some of what he shared:

– What inspires you most to create your music, why the cello?

Ever since I was a child, I have had musical notes and pattern arrangements enter my mind. When I create music, I am simply expressing these sounds outward. I need to get them out so, I do. Also, I love the feeling music gives its listener. I have been playing the cello for quite some time, I sometimes would play along with some of my production, and as a result it became part of my sound.
– Who are your musical influences, are they any particular artists that you admire, and why?
I was very inspired by classical and all types of artists, from pop, hip hop, drum and bass.  I delved into electronic music after listening to Oakenfold’s Global Underground back in 2001, but the genre has seen so many changes since then. 
– Where was the first time you performed professionally and what was that experience like?
The first time I performed professionally, was at Canopy Club in Champaign IL with a group I had formed at that time called “Gifted.” The experience was exhilarating. Basically kicked ass and let me know that I wanted that feeling again. But what really gets me as a performer, is having the crowd move to your music. 
– If you could change the world what would you change first?
I think changing the world is impossible to do over night. But with time I would like to see more sustainability and less waste of resources, without going backwards in our progress. Violence is a real tough issue I’d like to see go away. Of course I believe music can help stop violence.
– Is there anything in particular you would like your fans to know about you?
I have a new album called Water From Mars, releasing in October, with the second single from the Album, “Fate and Flux” dropping on August 28th. The first single “Running through you” is now on Itunes, Google Play, Amazon,and Rhapsody. I’d ask for everyone who hasn’t listened, to tune in to my Pandora Station,  SaumG, or visit me on soundcloud. The truth about the album is, I had an older track and it seemed to fit with a lot of modifications on the new album. Also there is a huge drought in California at the time, and this made the song and album title seem appropriate.  
The talent of Saum G is just the beginning of what he offers his fans, the positive messages he offers is just as powerful. Saum G, thank you for taking the to time answer my questions and I am sure your fans like me are looking forward to your new release and your coming live performances. #fanlove
Follow Saum G at: http://www.saumg.com/Facebook: SaumG/Twitter@saumg/Instagram@saumg 

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