Lauren Davidson – Everywhere and beyond…

I had the pleasure April 7th at the DROM NYC to interview Lauren Davidson an extremely talented singer who has a rock style that just yells out “greatness”.  She gets on stage and just explodes with a voice that is purely classic rock and roll. Lauren will be releasing her new single soon and if […]


The Shady Record Story featuring Eminem, Paul Rosenberg, Dr. Dre, 50 Cents and others: As an Eminem fan I have been facinated about his story since I first heard him rapping, how a kid from the streets of Detroit gets world attention solely based on his lyrical prowess. Eminem’s intelligent use of words to convey his […]

CHRIS APOSTLE – The Interview/Videos of Christmas Palooza@The Bitter End NYC

December 22, 2014 – Chris Apostle, who’s experience in the music industry is quite extensive, and I had an opportunity to chat before the Christmas Palooza music event held at The Bitter End in NYC. We chatted about the future of the Palooza events, about providing a forum for young musical  talent, and lots more… (see video […]

JESSIE CARABALLO – Talks about new music, touring, family and more…

December 20,2014 – Jessie Caraballo from time to time referred by Salsa singer Marc Anthony as “El Monstro” (The Monster) due to his powerful percussion solos at Marc’s concerts. The 29 year old percussionist has been a part of  Marc Anthony’s band since he was 19 years old. Jessie’s solos during Marc Anthony’s concerts are already […]

Ariana & The Rose – Epic

I discovered Ariana &  The Rose several years ago when I went to see some of Marc Anthony’s band members perform at the Bitter End (Mario Sebastian, Erben Perez, and Cristian Camilo Castro) and ever since I have gone to see them perform  every chance I get when they are in town. Ariana DiLorezo and […]

Saum G – Cellist With Electronic Infused Music – New Release!

Recently seen at Coachella, Saum Ghosh (Saum G) is a socially conscious cellist and producer, whose urban cello-infused music is turning heads all over the world. The cello is a classy instrument. Some might even say “elegant.” But when Ghosh seamlessly integrates the traditional classic instrument into revolutionary pop music, the word is definitely SEXY. Saum’s […]

Luisito Rosario – New CD – Looking Sexy… and more!

Luisito Rosario is on musical journey that just yells out I am here and I have lots more to give which may explain his latest CD titled ” Vengo a Mi Modo” (Coming My Way).  The Salsa artist of Puerto Rican descent has a style that is undeniably filled with love and dedication. Mr. Rosario […]